Mermaid Party II

We did it!!  We celebrated Addie’s third birthday in major mermaid style.  And I think all of the kids had as much fun as I did!  All of the creative elements of the party came together just as I had envisioned and I think it was pretty darn amazing (am I allowed to say that?)  We transformed our hot, weedy outdoor space into quite the beachy destination and I’m really excited to have that space to hang out in now that the party is over!!  In fact, we were out there all day Sunday, and Graham and I even sneaked down there after the kids were in bed to have a glass of wine in the peaceful evening with our lantern candles flickering – bliss!
 I have a lot I’d like to share about the party and some tutorials planned, but I’m going to just overload you with pictures today and then, when my brain functioning returns, I’ll post more of the details – assuming you’re interested, that is.  It’s sort of a weird thing – this blogging gig – because I feel like I’m talking to you, but I don’t really have any clue if you’re interested…good with a little info….wanting more details or more pictures or tutorials or maybe just something else entirely?  Such a guessing game, so speak up, I’m listening, okay??  Now… here’s a snapshot (or many) of the party:
 My beautiful birthday mermaid!  I think she looks pretty dreamy in her cute swimsuit and pettiskirt (full tutorial here) made by her mama.
Dining for mermaids and mermen – kid menu items included: goldfish, chips, watermelon, terriyaki chicken wings, and mac and cheese shells.
If you can’t have your mermaid party at the beach, you can have the beach delivered to you!  I knew it would be cool to have a sand pile, but I didn’t anticipate just how much it would round out the beachy feel of the party.  AND now my girls want to live outside covered in sand.  They played pirates all day after the party and built a super cool “pirate ship” – see?
One of my favorite spaces for long term potential – this is across from our kiddie pool – great for hanging towels and admiring my – let’s call it whimsical – beachy art (get the how-to here).
Homemade taffy.  It’s not that the party needed homemade taffy, but how much fun is it to have a great excuse to give taffy-making a try?
The fabric banner found a nice place hanging above the seashell painting area.  I kind of love this little seashell sign I painted up, but maybe not as much as I love this next sign….
I thought this would be a good spot for naughty children to have a time out.  The Crab Shack – get it?  sorry….I entertain myself with that kind of humor.  Okay, moving on…
More candy on the dessert table – this is candy sea glass, candy making doesn’t get easier than this one!  And I can’t get over how great raw sugar works as “sand.”  Thank you, Pinterest, once again.
A zoomed out shot of the dessert table mostly set – I also had cupcakes out here, but they didn’t make it down from the house in time for their photo shoot.  Do you recognize the dessert table?
 It’s the bake shop from Olivia’s butterfly tea party – bake shop turned ‘beach hut’!!
 And as long as we’re talking about dessert, let’s squeeze in some more yummy pictures of candy and cake.  The candy seashells turned out pretty on top of that ocean-y cake, right?
I hear the cake was delicious – chocolate with rasberry filling and lemon with rasberry filling, frosted with swiss meringue buttercream.  I’m not usually one for fads, but the ombre ruffles were a must for this cake!!  (Full tutorial for the decorating the cake here.)
A pre-party picture of the cupcakes.  I love those mermaid cupcake toppers!
Pillows are so simple to make – I whipped up a pile of them to cozy up the party space and add some extra color. (Read all about the pillows here.)  I used remnants from the quilts I’m working on for the girls’ room so that the pillows are ready to accent their beds should I ever finish the quilts!!
And, finally, I even handed off the camera to get my picture taken with the birthday girl herself!!
Alright!  Happy Monday everyone!  It’s a new week, a new month, and I have just tossed my mermaid party to-do list in the trash.  Checkity-check-check-check!!  What are you working on?


  1. says

    I can’t even. You are one amazingly creative woman. What a wonderful party for your cutie!! Mazzy wouldn’t even know what to do with herself, she’d love it that much. :) That is the sweetest photo of you and your girl.

  2. Anonymous says

    Could you throw me a mermaid party, and does it matter that I am over 30 :) You could do tutorials on it all and it wouldn’t be to much to me! I love the cake and would love to know how to do the ruffles. The pillows are to die for…and the pettiskirt tutorial would be wonderful.


  3. Vanessa@Designs By Sessa says

    Holy Freaking Cow!!! That is the prettiest most awesome mermaid party I have EVER seen!!! You are SO hugely talented my friend! WOWZERS!!!!

  4. Anne @ Domesblissity says

    Oh my goodness Stef! That looks an amazing party, as do all of your parties and projects. In all the time I’ve followed you I can’t say I’ve ever seen a photo of you and I always pictured you as a more ‘mature’ Mum with young children because your skills and abilities are just outstanding and you look like you’ve been crafting and sewing for 40 years! You’re just amazing and I love everything you do. It’s even more amazing now. You look like your daughter’s older sister! Well done!

    Anne @ Domesblissity

  5. nest full of eggs says

    everything goes together so well ~ i’m loving all the turquoise :)
    this party should be in a magazine… you really know how to throw a party !

  6. Julia says

    Stef…you ARE amazing!! I think you need to go into business or something. What a beautiful party and everything was just lovely! I love the sweet picture of you and your daughter at the end:)!


  7. Kristie Clower says

    Once again Stef, you totally rock. Everything looked amazing. EVERYTHING! I don’t think there’s any part of the party that I don’t want to know more about. If you have time & energy tutorials on everything would be awesome. Maybe even a tutorial on how to be awesome like you? I adore the picture of you & Miss Addie at the end & the birthday girl in the sand pile. Happy Birthday Addie!

  8. Shannon says

    You are awesome! You are talented and very creative. Your daughter is lucky to have such a talented mommy! It looks like you left no detail out. :) You rock!

  9. Christene says

    It was the best birthday party ever!!!!!! Everything was amazing..and better in person!!! Thanks for sharing with us :)

    • Night Garden Design says

      @Madbags: Taffy is chewy candy. It’s sold at beaches here in the states, sometimes called “saltwater taffy”. She mentions “taffy pulling”; after you cook the candy on your stovetop (if you’re making it at home) you butter up your hands and pull the taffy blob into long strands, snipping it into bite-sized pieces and wrapping the pieces in wax paper. A popular pastime in earlier decades, now sometimes a Girl Scout project.

  10. The Davis Family says

    What an amazingly fun day!! Every detail, perfect!! And the cake!! YUMMY!!! You did it again, Stef!! Thanks for having us :) xoxo

  11. Joanna says

    Really pretty as always stef. Contrary to Anne above, you actually look like I’ve always imagined! Young, slim and beautiful. I knew you must be as Olivia, grace and Addie are so pretty :-) tutorials would be great – I love seeing any and all photos too!

  12. HandyManda says

    Gorgeous, Wow!! My girl’s totally missing out in the whole themed party area…You’re a great Mum!

  13. Erin says

    Stef! Harlie told me about a month ago that she wants an “Ariel” party for her birthday this year (November), so thanks for some great ideas! As always you pulled off a stunning party, and I love that beautiful photo of you and your girl. Happy Birthday Addie!

  14. zoeope says

    Ha. Congrats. Beautiful party. Isn’t it nice when things go as planned. I would like a pettiskirt tutorial please, when you have the time. Regards.

  15. kristin says

    Oooooh buddy. This party is everything I dreamed it would be (from your previews) and more! I love every bit of it, and once again wish I lived nearby so Em and I could have come (crashed)! She would have freaked out at how amazing this all was, and I know I would’ve too. I want to know more about any little detail you care to post about, but especially how to make that pettiskirt! Also, you’re a pretty lady. Glad you showed your face. I know it’s rare but you should do some selfish sewing and surface more often (probably by the seashore). :)

  16. Kelly says

    Wow! So beautiful! I would love to see more pics and A pettiskirt tute would be amazing. And maybe if you would not mind, one for your signs. I would never have guessed that those did not come from Pottery Barn. The whole party looks beautiful! Thanks for posting! You are an amazing artist…I don’t suppose you would sell me that pillow with the mermaid on it?

  17. Creations By Cindy says

    What a lovely party! Love it all! Two beautiful ladies on here today! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  18. Lanie says

    This was totally impressive! I am sorry to have missed such a fabulous party! Love the blues and greens.

  19. Ginger ♥ Barnhill says

    You are so dang creative! I LOVE-LOVE-LOVE this idea and when I saw the heading I thought “a mermaid party???” Only YOU could pull it off! Every thing looks wonderful but the treats look too gorgeous to eat!

    I am still completely hung up on the circus party and am planing on doing that theme for my Lily’s 2nd birthday next May so I would LOVE to see anything else you have on that theme idea. I always borrow your ideas so keep up the amazing work!

  20. Night Garden Design says

    That cake is A. Mazing. I just popped over from CSI and spent 45 minutes lost in your blog. You’ve re-set the bar. 😉

  21. Colleen Barron says

    I am amazed at your talent! Your attention to detail is incredible. Everything was just so precious and much more. Your daughters are blessed to have such a crafty, wonderful mom. I’m new to your blog but I’ve enjoyed it so much, I can’t wait for each new segment. Thanks for sharing!

  22. A Pretty Life in the Suburbs says

    What a fantastic party! All of the details you put together are amazing! So so fun!

  23. Ashley J @ MommyByDayCrafterByNight says

    Ok… this is the cutest party I have ever seen! Everything you did is seriously to die for!! Great job! Thanks for linking up!!

  24. Jessica@SewHomegrown says

    Love it!! I’ll be doing a mermaid party in a month and definitely want details!!!

  25. Anonymous says

    I love everything!!! This is one of the best mermaid parties I have seen!!! May I ask where you got that adorable hanging pink fish? Would love ALL your details!! :)

    • says

      Thank you so much! That cute pink fish is from Pottery Barn Kids – from about 3 years ago, although, I thought that I had seen a version more recently, but I could be wrong.

  26. SJ says

    What a cute idea for a girl’s party! I love all the sweet details that you included. Might have to file this one away for my little gal’s next birthday.

  27. Twinkle Star says

    I totally love everything about this! I am preparing for a Vintage Mermaid / Faded Pirate Party I am doing for my daughter’s 4th Birthday in August, so I am doing a lot of research :)

    Thank you for sharing all of your ideas – I just love looking at the pics!

    Estelle xx

  28. Marissa says

    Beautiful party! May I ask where you got the cute mermaid plates? My three year old loves mermaids and wants a mermaid 4th birthday party. Did you also make your daughter’s cute headband? Her outfit was adorable! Again, wonderful job! (sorry for the delete/re-post – 38 weeks pregnant and my brain cells are depleted!)

  29. Leianne Stevens says

    If I wasn’t already set on a theme for Lily’s second birthday, I would so be on board to give something like this a try. It all turned out so beautiful! You did a wonderful job and everything looks amazing. Looks like everyone had fun too :-]

  30. Jess@craftiness is not optional says

    How did I miss this party? What’s funny is that Sadie had a mermaid party a few weeks after this! I looove all the ideas you implemented, and that beach hut! perfection. the dessert table looks fantastic also! I thought about doing candy beach glass too but ran out of time. I love how your looked!

  31. Amanda says

    This is amazing! I am planning an u der the sea party for my daughter end of June…. A few questions; did you make/paint all the signs? Can you share the recipe/process for the glass candy? Also, can you share the invite? Thanks!!

    • girlinspired says

      Thanks so much, Amanda! I did make the signs – here’s the post about them:
      The sea glass candy is super easy – you can probably google it, it’s just like sugar and water and maybe corn syrup; you cook it until it reaches a certain temp, then add food coloring and pour into a pan until cool – I liked pouring it into a smaller cake pan so that it was nice and thick. I did not dust with anything afterward, that method didn’t turn out too great for me. As far as the invites…I think I ended up sending out an evite, can’t quite remember! Have fun!

    • girlinspired says

      Thanks so much, Amanda! I did make the signs – here’s the post about them:
      The sea glass candy is super easy – you can probably google it, it’s just like sugar and water and maybe corn syrup; you cook it until it reaches a certain temp, then add food coloring and pour into a pan until cool – I liked pouring it into a smaller cake pan so that it was nice and thick. I did not dust with anything afterward, that method didn’t turn out too great for me. As far as the invites…I think I ended up sending out an evite, can’t quite remember! Have fun!


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