Lace Princess Crowns – DIY

Glittered Crowns!!

The lace princess crowns we made for Grace’s princess party continue to receive much wear around here.  When the girls put on their leotards or princess gowns for their nightly performances, they now bring crowns and bobby pins to complete their look.

Glittered Crowns!!

The little girls enjoyed helping when the crowns were made and we thought we’d share how we did it so that you and your little princesses can make some crowns, too.  I got the original how-to on Jessica’s blog, Joyfolie, which you can check out, here.

Glittered Crowns!!

We used a variety of vintage and newer crocheted lace pieces (we made a total of 10 crowns) cut to about 15″ long.  Pour a good amount of fabric stiffener into a wide cup and place the lace pieces inside.  Wearing gloves, work the fabric stiffener into the lace until they are completely saturated.  Spread the lace pieces out onto washable mats or wax paper and allow to dry.  While the lace is still very wet, flip the pieces every now and then and make sure that the liquid does not form “windows” in the lace holes.  We left the lace to dry overnight and it became very stiff.  Then we painted with acrylic paint in several colors of gold, silver, bronze, pearl, and pink.  (Actually, for the silver, I used spray paint which was MUCH faster!)

Glittered Crowns!!

Glittered Crowns!!

After the paint was dry, we spread mod podge on the lace and sprinkled on glitter, obviously an optional step.  This was definitely the girls’ favorite part!  Shake the excess glitter off and leave the lace pieces flat to dry completely. Once they were fully dry, I gave them a couple coats of clear spray laquer to try to keep the glitter under control.  Then, form the lace into a circle and hot glue the overlapped ends (match the pattern).  Done!

Glittered Crowns!!

And here’s the birthday girl in her crown!

Tutorial for the skirt of this Gorgeous Princess Gown!

Make princess crowns from Lace!!

I’ve created an updated post with LOTS of TIPS to make your crowns even better! Click here for more tips!

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There must be a catch that I notice now…. I had done this project before and missed the flipping part because mine stuck to the wax paper and it wasn’t any for to try and peel once dry! I also used thinned Elmer’s glue instead of liquid starch. I would be curious to know the difference between the Elmers and the liquid starch.

I also love this idea!! My little girl is turning 6 the first week of August, and she’s begging for an American Girl doll “that looks just like her” I am for sure making these and a smaller one for her new doll! Thank you for the awesome ideas and the step by step pictures!

I love this idea! We are having a Wizard of Oz birthday party in March for my daughter. I think I have just found our craft for the party…they will have to be “Glenda the Good Witch’s” crowns. Thanks for the inspiration!!

Hi Stef,

I also loved those crowns, I saw them at Joyfolie a while back. That girl has some awesome idea’s. And she always makes it look so easy.
Great to see how yours turned out though.

Have a wonderful weekend.

ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?!?! That is so so so cute and clever! Honestly, I read a ton of blogs and this is a serious favorite! I have drawers of lace fabric and now have a purpose for the future if God would ever give me a girl! haha!

My first thought of course was “Ooohh…party crowns for dolls!” I never would have imagined that you could paint lace.

i just want to say i made these, but i used spray fabric stiffener instead. it was so much less messy–i’d spray one side, let it dry and then do the other. i did this a few times until it was stiff enough. then, i used glitter paint at the end (instead of Mod Podge and actual glitter). again, much easier and neater!

Oh my goodness! These are beautiful! My 4 year old I going to love this! Thanks so much for sharing! Found you via pinterest!

wonderful idea. found on pinterest. you could try using something like “Distress Stains,” from Tim Holtz’s line by Ranger Industries. It’s great on fabrics and comes in a huge variety of colors. I color ribbons, fabric flowers, etc. with it. thank you for posting.

Linda March 7,2012
I just found you on pinterest. Love your ideas they are so great, cant wait to do some of these ideas. I see one thing and say to my self I’m going to do that. Then see something else. Can’t make up my mind what to do first thank you so much glad I found you.

Such a great idea! Think I might try for my kiddos’ joint birthday party in April. I have a boy and girl…so I’ll have to come up with a boy version too. Hmmm…

These are precious. My granddaughter would love these. I do too! I recently returned a bottle of liquid starch because we didn’t get around to making
Easter eggs with the string and balloons. Guess I will have to buy some more. Love this idea.

Getting ready to do this now. Can you stitch after completed? I want to sew combs into them to attach to child’s hair (only 2 so not much hair)

I think you could definitely hand stitch through the holes in the lace to fasten a comb onto them. They’re too stiff for a sewing machine. Actually, you could probably even hot glue the combs on????

I love these so much and want to make them for some of my senor citizen princess. Do you think they would hold up if I made bigger?

Hey there! Just wanted to let you know we featured you in our Favorite Find Fridays post over at Whimsically Homemade. We used one of your pictures. If that’s a problem let us know and we’ll remove it immediately. Thanks for your great inspiration!

thanks so much Stef!!!! i LOVE it!!!!! my little girl turns 2 in September and i have been shopping online for the perfect Cinderella-ish dress and this would be PERFECT!!!!! i found one i love on JCrew… but it’s $188…. i think i could make this amazing little dress for well under $188 =) but it’d look JUST as adorable!

is there a link to the pattern for the dress?? or any tips you can give me?!

love your page!!! love your creations!!! i’ll be using lots of your darling ideas from your little girl’s princess party! the crowns will be a hit!!! any ideas for a bow item? i will have two at the party… and i’ve gone back and forth between “prince” crowns, frogs, or bow ties?!? what do you think??

Hi!!Love Love Love!! Iam making these for my niece but I have an issues…the crowns are not stiff enough Iam i using the wrong fabric or even the fabric stiffiner?? Please help

I’m not really sure why the crowns aren’t stiff – I’m guessing that you just need to allow the stiffener to dry overnight and that should do the trick – you could also add some coats of Mod Podge?? Good luck!

I just found your blog and I LOVE IT! I was looking for the perfect princess dress for my baby for Halloween, yours was the only one out of many many others that I just have to try to make. I can’t wait to go through all your other posts.

This is great, our students love to wear princess crowns in class! Sharing on our blog, thank you for posting this tutorial 🙂

Thank you for posting this! I have been lusting after lace crowns on Etsy but couldn’t bring myself to pay for shipping! I have made 4 of this, 2 with spray paint! And I LOVE the spray paint crowns, however, they smell! How long did it take for the spray-paint smell to come out of your crowns?!? I am sending mine to a newborn and I’m not sure her mamma will appreciate the smell of paint. Thank you!

I’m the Editorial Assistant for Fun Family Crafts and I wanted to let you know that we have featured your crown! You can see it here:

If you have other kid friendly crafts, we’d love it if you would submit them. If you would like to display a featured button on your site, you can grab one from the right side bar of your post above. Thanks for a wonderful project idea!

Adorable! This, or an adaptation of, would also be great as a headpiece for a flower girl…or any other excuse for girls to be able to wear tiaras as often as possible!

Well thank you very much for sharing your creative idea,well actually we are having a party tonight and who ever comes to the party without a crown will have to pay ! i manage to get mine done just because of you.THANK YOU

Hello! I found this on pintrest and it is right up my alley. I am having a Royal Birthday Princess Party for my soon to be 5-year old. I love the crowns but I also LOVE the princess dress. Where did you get it from, or did you make it yourself? I have been looking for a dress like this and just cannot find it. :0(

Hello – I have a silly question… Did you use colored glitter to coordinate with each crown or the clear type of glitter? I am going to make these for my 4 & 6 year olds and they requested different colored crowns (if course =). I have clear glitter but not silver and gold. Do you think it would make a difference??
Thanks for your help!
Traci =)

Hi Traci! That’s a good question. I recently did a follow-up post where I talked a little more about the glitter – it’s here: I did try to match the glitter to the paint color, but more importantly, the size of the glitter flecks really make a big difference on the crowns – the really super fine glitter looks a lot better, in my opinion. That said, your little girls are going to love those crowns no matter what size or color glitter you have, so if you’re not inclined to go shopping, know that they are going to turn out great anyway!!


Love this idea and made one today! I have one question for you. How did you pin in your daughter’s hair. Did you just use a few bobby pins or did you glue the crown on some felt and attach to an alligator clip? Thanks for your help!

Hi Amy – I just used bobby pins, but it would be cool to try hot gluing to some combs or something. Some of the laces have larger holes that are easier to bobby pin to. Let me know how it works if you attach it to some other sort of clip!

You can also place the lace on cooling racks to dry. That way the air gets to all sides at the same time. LOVELOVELOVE these gorgeous crowns and will be making some for my little niece and granddaughter!! TFS!

Quick question…..which modge podge do you use…..went to michaels, and didnt’ realize there were like 50 different types, I personally have never used it before.

There ARE a lot of Mod Podge types! I just use the regular matte Mod Podge – I think it comes with a yellow label. There might be one for fabric that you could try, too!

Awesome! Would you happen to know if the fabric stiffener worked on yarn? Thinking of crocheting crowns and working them he same way. Thx!

I haven’t had a lot of luck with fabric stiffener and yarn, but I only tried it once on single strands (not crocheted) that I was trying to turn into a spider web. hee hee! It worked ok, but looked flaky.