Zippered Pouches

You know how you see a project flash across your computer screen and you just can’t stop thinking about it?  When I saw Kate’s “Little Zippered Bow Pouch” tutorial, I knew I needed to make a few for the girls. These little bags sew up in no time and they are adorable. They’re really quite spacious, too!

I used an upholstery fabric on the inside since I didn’t plan ahead and had no duck cloth on hand for interfacing.  This worked okay, but when I make more, I think duck cloth would really make them nice and sturdy.  I altered the pattern just a tad to sew the zipper in with the method I typically use; that way I didn’t have to think about it.  I love the way that Kate designed the bow on the zipper pull – it’s pure genius!  I would’ve made these little bags just to line them all up for cute pictures, but I actually filled them with something before I gave them to the girls for Christmas – I’ll post about that next time!!  Find the tutorial and free pattern here.


  1. says

    Thanks so much, everyone!

    I will try to put together a few resources for tags and post that soon; in the meantime, my current set of tags are woven from World Wide Label on etsy. You have to order quite a few and they take a few weeks as they’re overseas, but the quality and price is excellent!

    The fabrics I used for these pouches are from Tula Pink (the two pink prints), Heather Bailey (teal/green/white) and Amy Butler (teal and yellow).

  2. JoJoand Eloise says

    Oh,I love the adorable bows on them. It also doesn’t hurt that you used BEAUTIFUL fabric. : )

  3. Christi says

    So so cute…I love the twill labels that you have placed on the inside with your blogger name. Can you please give me a good resource to check into having some made for myself? Thank you for all the inspiration!

    cjpike at indiana dot edu

  4. sweeter than cupcakes says

    So sweet! I love the fabric with the girl catching butterflies. Ditto on the tags. They look great.

  5. kim leavens says

    Cutest little pouch ever!!!…I’ve been looking for one too…perfect timing!!!!Thanx for sharing…Do you do your own tags??

  6. Jessica at Me Sew Crazy says

    these are adorable Stef! I love them! Your girls must love them too…they also make perfect business card holders :)


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