Fit for a Princess

 It was a birthday party fit for a princess.  Colors in pink and mauve and copper.  Golden glitter accents.  Crowns and gowns and spaces for coloring and reading.  And, of course, cake.  A cake for every prince and princess.  Laughter and squeals and hunting for golden keys.  A little group of friends.  Perfect.  Happy Birthday, Grace. 

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Tissue Poms – Pom Love on etsy
Little Shoes, keys, gold bows – Beverly’s craft store
Cakes, Crowns, Princess Wreath, Tulle tablecloth – handmade
For my tutorial on the Ruffled Ribbon Cakes, go here.


  1. You seriously have some of the prettiest ideas! This is gorgeous! Loving every bit of it!


  2. Katie Smith says:

    Uh-Dorable! Hopefully one day I will have a little girl so I can create all things girly!

  3. So so cute!! :-)

  4. You made my two favorite kind of cakes…ruffles and roses. Love the colors!

  5. tobecontinued says:

    Looks like a great party! I made the rose cakes too for my niece’s first birthday party and it was a BIG hit. I will definitely be using them a lot!

  6. Etcetorize says:

    Wow, everything looks gorgeous. I’m definitely pinning those crowns. What a great idea!

  7. Most definitely a party fit for a princess! Love those shoes on top of the cakes and the frosting is beautiful, as is everything!!

  8. Kristie-Creating Chaos says:

    Adorable!!! Those cakes Stef, omg. I want to eat them all. They are so pretty. Happy Birthday Princess Gracie.

  9. Kimberly F says:

    Amazing. Do you have a link for how to do the rose cakes? So pretty.

  10. Your cakes and party decor are absolutely stunning. Everything looks so beautiful. I would love to see more photos showing all the little details especially on your handmade items such as the tulle table cloth and rose garland. Congrats on creating an amazing party for your little princess.

  11. chel wakley says:

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  12. nest full of eggs says:

    gorgeous !

  13. Anonymous says:

    The best part was the cakes tasted even better than they looked. Absolutely to die for!! We enjoyed eating the rest of the cake yesterday during our special “girl time” (AKA Nicks nap time). Wonderful party!! Happy Birthday Princess Gracie!!

  14. Simple Simon & Co says:

    Wow!!! What an amazing party! You really are superwoman!

  15. Simple Simon & Co says:

    Wow!!! What an amazing party! You really are superwoman!

  16. Simple Simon & Co says:

    Wow!!! What an amazing party! You really are superwoman!

  17. WOW! WOW! WOW! I`m speechless!

  18. Oh, I love it all!
    So beautifully done and put together Stef!

    Would you come over and help me too?
    L O V E IT!



  20. I had to come again…
    Those colors and yet so peaceful I just really like it.
    I saw the front of Victoria Bliss today! and thought of your post.

  21. the poor sophisticate says:

    Hey there! I am visiting you from girl creative!What a gorgeous gorgeous site you have! Beautiful work!! Thanks for being so inspiring!have a wonderful day!

  22. Laurel @ Ducks in a Row says:

    I’ll say it is for a princess – any girl would love it!

  23. says:

    That is beautiful! A dream party for any little princess! So sweet!

  24. Anneliese says:

    Oh, this is so adorable! I wish I could have you as my partner to plan one of my girl’s birthday parties! Looks like you have so much fun making all this beauty!

  25. I love your blog and have a perfect event for these shoe cakes. Where did you find the shoes?

  26. Jacqueline says:

    Gorgeous! I just loved everything from the shoes to the mini cakes to the table linen! I would love this for an adult girl party too or a shower. Wonderful.

  27. Sabrina Stewart says:

    how did you make the tulle tablecloth?

  28. Elena Moore says:

    How did you make the tulle tablecloth?

  29. Love the shoe cakes. Where can i get the little shoes? I know a princess who would love them for her party

  30. I know many have asked about the little shoes used on the cakes as to how to get them. I noticed that the source was Beverly’s craft store. I did not find them there. Can anyone help? I know this blog was from a year ago, but has anyone seen shoes like this?

    • girlinspired says:

      Hi Laura, I didn’t see any last year, but when I bought them two years ago, they were ornaments – it should be just about the perfect time to start searching with the holiday stuff piling into the stores! Good luck!


  1. […] plastered tissue poms and puffs on the walls from past parties, set out some princess decor from Grace’s princess party, and added some feather filler to try to bring the pink and purple colors […]

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