Sleeveless Peasant Dress Tutorial and the Prairie Rose Pattern


How to make a ruffle sleeveless peasant dress.

A looooong time ago, I made a gazillion peasant dresses in a cute little sleeveless version with this ruffle around the top.  Loved those dresses, and so did many of you!  (I threw in some links to several at the end of the post if you want to see what I’m talking about.)  I’ve had ongoing requests for a pattern for this dress, so when my friend Anneliese, from the Aesthetic Nest, asked if I’d like to try her new pattern, The Prairie Rose, I was so excited to share it with you!  The Prairie Rose Pattern Set has a blouse, dress, maxi skirt, and pants, and it’s all things girly and twirly.  And the pattern is super professional and classy, just like Anneliese.  Today, I want to show you how to take the blouse pattern, which has sleeves, and turn it into a sleeveless dress like the one I used to make!

Sleeveless Peasant Dress TutorialWhat you will Need:

  • The Prairie Rose Pattern Set by WeeMuses
  • fabric and elastic as specified in the pattern (I like to use contrasting fabric for neck ruffle and a band along the bottom), depending on size, you’ll need about 3/4 yard of each fabric.
  • 1/4″ double fold bias tape

Let’s get started!  You’re going to cut out the blouse front and blouse back from the pattern, extending the bodice lines down to the length of dress desired (plus hem) (if you want to use a contrasting band along the bottom, cut the dress about 5″ shorter than finished dress length.

How to convert a peasant dress into a sleeveless dress with neck ruffle.

Sew the front and back together along the side seams and press seams flat.  Serge or finish raw edges if you like.

Sleeveless Peasant Dress Tutorial

With one underarm laid out flat, open up your double fold bias tape and pin the raw edge along the raw edge of the armhole as shown.

Sleeveless Peasant Dress Tutorial

Stitch along the center fold of the bias tape, all the way around the armhole.

Sleeveless Peasant Dress Tutorial

This next step is really important – you’re going to trim away the excess fabric so that it is nearly to the stitch line.  Do not cut any part of the bias tape and do not cut into the stitching.  In the next step, we’re going to fold the bias tape to the wrong side of the armhole and you want to make sure that the dress fabric is fully tucked behind the bias tape – this means that you will need to trim the fabric very close to the stitch line.

Sleeveless Peasant Dress Tutorial

Next, iron the bias tape up and away from the seam (not pictured).  Then, fold the bias tape back up so it looks like it did when it came out of the package and press it to the backside of the underarm, so it looks like the picture above.

Sleeveless Peasant Dress Tutorial

Now, working from the topside of the fabric, stitch along the curve of the underarm, about 1/8″ away from the edge.

Sleeveless Peasant Dress Tutorial

You will catch the bias tape underneath to finish the underarm off neatly.  Looks good from the outside and the inside, right?

Sleeveless Peasant Dress Tutorial

Repeat for the other underarm and you’re ready to finish the top of the dress!

How to convert a peasant dress into a sleeveless dress with neck ruffle.

Cut, assemble, and hem the neck ruffle piece as outlined in the Prairie Rose Pattern instructions.  Set it out in front of you, above the dress top, and with the raw edges pointed up.

How to convert a peasant dress into a sleeveless dress with neck ruffle.

Slip the neck ruffle down inside the dress bodice.  You’re going to put this together the same way that you would with the pattern, you just won’t have sleeve pieces to match up with the neck ruffle.

Sleeveless Peasant Dress Tutorial

It’s that easy!  You sew the casing just like it instructs in the pattern, but the ruffle makes its own casing over the shoulder rather than joining to the sleeve to make the casing.  Thread that elastic through and you’re all set!

Sleeveless Peasant Dress Tutorial

Now you can hem the dress, or add the contrasting band, OR simply continue with the pattern to finish the blouse/dress!

Sleeveless Peasant Dress Tutorial

The main fabric used for this dress is called “Who’s That Girl?” designed by Izak Zenou, manufactured by Robert Kaufman.  The print is pure awesome and if you make your little one a dress out of it she may run around hugging her “Paris dress” for days and then insist on directing the photo shoot, whilst throwing all kinds of attitude your way.  Fair warning.  The fabric is a winner!  The black polka dot is Robert Kaufman, too.

Sleeveless Peasant Dress Tutorial

So that’s it!  Happy Sewing!

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  1. says

    When I saw this dress I thought “we’re going to see some sewing perfection here”. Yep…the detail for the bias arms is perfection. I can tell you really focus on the details. It is adorable and I love the Parisian print you chose. Adorable dress!

  2. says

    Your bias tape finishing method is so clear and easy to understand! Thank you! I spent a ridiculous amount of time trying to figure this out with a similar pattern for Ansley’s tinkerbell dress. I’m pretty sure the pattern called for single fold bias tape. Anyway yours is much better!

  3. June says

    LOve this cute pattern. I’m retired and have started sewing again. Having raised boys, now I am sewing girl dresses and loving it. This is the perfect simple pattern. Glad I found it. Thanks.

  4. Kim says

    Thank you for this…I have been wanting to make this dress pattern. Do you mind telling me the designer of this fabric. Thx! :-)

  5. fancy says

    I just stumbled upon your page while searching on pinterest ” how to make a tutus” and I am so glad I did!! I love your tutu tutorial and these adorable dresses!! I am inspired, thank you so much for sharing :)

  6. Terri says

    So cute, easy, and fast to make. Adorable as a top, dress, or top with matching pants with a ruffle on the bottom. Exploring new worlds with this one beautiful idea.

  7. says

    Super cute! I love how you described how to do the armholes so nicely. Mine never look quite so . . . put together. Now I want to go sew this very minute and see if I can do better! :-)

  8. HulaGirl65 says

    EXACTLY what I’ve been searching for! Question? Where are the sizes? (it might be obvious, but please help a nannie aka grandmother out?) Adorable Dress! Thanks!

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