Princess and the PopStar Birthday Party


Princess and the Popstar Birthday Party

With three girls, it is inevitable that there will be more than one request for a princess party in our house.  And four seems to be the age where princess dreams need come true!  As you know, Addison turned four a couple weeks ago and requested a princess party to celebrate with some friends.  Her favorite movie is Barbie Princess and the Popstar, so I proposed a little combination party of all of her favorite things!  We scaled back a lot with this party, but it didn’t matter a bit to the birthday girl.  She was thrilled to play her role as both princess and singing sensation for a Princess and the Popstar Birthday Party.  I loved how intimate the party was with just a couple of her little friends and my family over.

Princess and the Popstar Birthday Party

Princess and the Popstar Birthday Party

Princess and the Popstar Birthday Party

First pictures should be of the birthday princess.  I made her her own special princess dress with ribbon tie ups that could be lowered for her debut as princess and raised for a set change into popstar costume.  I got some pretty adorable pictures of her in the princess attire, complete with a new lace crown, but we unfortunately turned on the music too soon and instead of smiling for the camera, she was heavy into performance mode while I tried to get pictures – always makes me work for those pictures.  She was out of her longer pettiskirt before the other girls even arrived and changed into a hot pink shorter pettiskirt for the “popstar” look.  She cracks me up!!!

Princess and the Popstar Birthday Party

The party was centered around a stage that Graham built out of two sheets of plywood – making it a large 8′ x 8′ square.  I painted a black and white checkerboard pattern onto it and stapled silver fringe around the short rise.  Something about a stage just brings the performer out in those kiddos.  I also made a disco ball pinata (find the full tutorial here) and a fun stage backdrop.  It turned out really super awesome, if you ask me.

Princess and the Popstar Birthday Party

Princess and the Popstar Birthday Party

Princess and the Popstar Birthday Party

Princess and the Popstar Birthday Party

I cut out a bunch of photo booth props – glasses, mustaches, bow ties/hair bows/hats with my Silhouette and then picked up some silly glasses and other hats from the dollar store.  The kids loved having fun with these!! We also turned up some music and let the girls loose with the real microphones.  That got loud real fast….

Princess and the Popstar Birthday Party

Other activities included decorating microphones

Princess and the Popstar Birthday Party Princess and the Popstar Birthday Party Princess and the Popstar Birthday Party Princess and the Popstar Birthday Party

…and eating snacks from the plethora of options that my sister cooked up… I tried my hand at homemade donuts – very excited to have this new obsession to pursue!  I also cut the little guitar food picks out on the Silhouette.  I expected to be the only one to appreciate guitar toothpicks, but actually all the kids kept dipping them back into the melon bowl and the cheese platter.  You just never know what the kids are going to appreciate – that’s why you’ve got to go to such efforts!! haha!

Lace Crown DIY - so cute!!

We also set up a princess station with lace crowns, jewelry, and dress up clothes.  The kids didn’t spend as much time here aside from the whirlwind of everyone wanting their fingernails painted all at once.

Princess and the Popstar Birthday Party

I didn’t really create any new decor beyond the disco ball and stage – just plastered tissue poms and puffs on the walls from past parties, set out some princess decor from Grace’s princess party, and added some feather filler to try to bring the pink and purple colors together.

Princess and the Popstar Birthday Party

We ended the party by bashing open the disco ball pinata that we had spent so many hours making.  The kids loved it – I’m still trying to figure out if there’s a way to put it back together.

Princess and the Popstar Birthday Party

 So, that’s a wrap for today!  I have a few party details to share over the next week.

I’m getting ready to head to the beach with my family for a few days – I’m looking forward to the escape from reality, even if it’s quick.  I’m also looking forward to really breaking in my new beach bag – I’m sharing the full tutorial over at I Heart Naptime today, so please stop by and check that out!!

Oversized Beach Bag


  1. says

    This party is like a dream come true for any little girl! The dress, tiaras, food, decoration and everything is perfect. The disco ball pinata is also very creative.
    I look forward to making parties like this when my little girl is older.

  2. says

    Another beautiful party and you did scale back–good for you! I laugh every time I see the pic of your daughter with her eyes closed. Was she into serious singing or dreaming of her moment there in the spotlight? Too cute! Do you really have time for a new obsession? Donuts– (funny, we were just discussing this morning the proper way to spell donuts with my two daughters!). Also, I had to tell my girls about Barbie and the Popstar Princess. My girls are now 10 1/2 and 13 1/2 and were obsessed with Barbie movies!! I wonder how many new ones since we quit buying??? Have a great vacation!

  3. Kristie says

    OMG Stef, you are like the queen of awesomesauce little girl parties! And Olivia’s pose in the shot with all the little princesses, HILARIOUS! I’m looking forward to the upcoming party posts. I really hope that the donut recipe will be one of them. Love you and your sweet girlies.

  4. says

    So, so lovely! My girls (and myself!) love this movie, so it was really fun to see your interpretation for the party and see how much fun you all had :-)

  5. says

    aha-mazing. As usual! I love the stage! All the fun stuff you cut out on your Silhouette, too! It’s my favorite thing to use for party decor! Now go rent that barn for your party stuff…lol! I’ll go hide my new cow cookie jar from Rory.

  6. says

    So I simply MENTIONED that my blog friend did a princess and the popstar party for her little girl and Em was immediately like “CAN I HAVE THAT FOR MY NEXT BIRTHDAY PARTY?!” If I show her these photos, she might start demanding it all immediately and hound me until I make it. Also, I didn’t know it was a movie – we just have the book! Haha. Pretty much a girly girl’s dream party though. Awesome work.

  7. says

    What a wonderful party and your little princess is GORGEOUS in her beautiful princess dress. You made some very wonderful memories for your family. Bravo!

  8. says

    I love this Stef- fabulous party as always.
    I love your statement that you just never know what kids are going to be super into… it’s never what I guess.
    Love the disco ball- I would be trying to figure out how to put it back together again as well. :)

  9. jen says

    Beautiful party, and you are right that age 4 must be the choice for princess parties because my little one had the same request for her 4th party :) great pictures also. Saw you on Bloom Designs Online and so glad I did!

    • girlinspired says

      Hi there! The microphones are so simple to make – they’re just a painted toilet paper roll with a ball of tin foil hot glued to the top! Have fun!


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