Sewing Basics: Rolled Hem Video Tutorial

Great VIDEO tutorial showing how to use the rolled hem foot for curved or slippery fabric hems!!
The rolled hem presser foot is just another amazing little device that makes my sewing life a million times easier.  Using this sewing machine attachment makes hemming sheer and slippery fabrics an absolute breeze.  The fabric takes very little preparation and the little foot does most of the work.
Today, I’m hoping to share my technique to easily use this tool.  I thought it would be fun to see how I perform on-screen, so….I recorded a little video tutorial.  I discovered that I say “um” a lot and throw in a bunch of unnecessary pauses between my overly detailed babbling.  But, I think it will give you a quick picture of how I get my rolled hem presser foot to work its magic for me.  And I hope it helps you with your next tricky hem!!

Did you find the video helpful?  I have a couple close up pictures below of the finished rolled hem.


  1. IRedS says

    Love the video — I think it’s always helpful to “see” how to turn under, manipulate it through the coil thing, etc. Thanks!

    • says

      Thank you! I’m a visual learner, too. Pictures and video are the best next thing to someone sitting next to me. Plus, I can stare as long as I need for the concept to click!

  2. Cookie says

    maybe it’s because i’m a newbie to sewing, but it would have helped me to have a closer view in the video. i could hardly tell what you were doing. the photographs are great for the closeups, i just wish the video had been shot closer! but thanks for the introduction!

    • says

      That’s great feedback, Cookie! I will definitely be working on future video tutorials and I’ll keep that in mind! I hope you’ll give it a try! Thanks again for taking the time to comment!!

  3. sweeter than cupcakes says

    I totally need to get the sewing foot now!! I only thought they worked for very thin fabrics. Thanks for the demo

    • says

      Well, I really think it works best on thin/slippery fabrics, but you could use it to hem cotton, too. Anything thicker than a quilting weight cotton probably wouldn’t feed through very well, but I haven’t tried it.

  4. Mariam says

    I LOVE the hemmer foot. I really think it is the first tool that helped me take my sewing from looking “beginner” to polished and gave me the confidence to sew more. I especially love the foot when working with slippery fabrics like satin that don’t press well. I recommend it to people all the time, and now I will send them to your fantastic video to get a better how-to. Thanks for the great video.

  5. Ellie-Mae says

    I always thought the whole point of it is that you didn’t have to iron the tiny hem first. Couldn’t I just use an ordinary foot if it is already pressed?

    • says

      Good question! You really don’t have to iron the hem except for pressing twice under on the first couple inches – to get your needle and fabric lined up right under the needle. For me, it really works best if I either press or manually turn/guide the first folded edge into the foot with slippery fabrics – that’s just what works for me, but I still don’t have to turn twice and press a nice even hem. Also, I’m not able to press and stitch such a tiny hem on the machine with my regular foot.

  6. Charity says

    I learned something very useful… sew a few stitches before trying to finagle the hem into the roll! That will help a LOT. I’m curious what you do when you are getting to the end of the hem on a tube. Would you just pull the fabric back out of the roll and stitch the last inch or so without it?
    Thanks for the demonstration! =)

    • says

      Oh, yes!! Another great question, Charity! I do it just the way you suggested – when I get to the last inch or so (when the hem is already sewn in a tube), I stop stitching, make sure the needle is still down into the fabric, then I lift the presser foot and wiggle the fabric out of the coil. Then, I put the presser foot back down and finish stitching the hem. Since it is such a small part of the fabric, the hem seams to stay rolled up tight for a flawless finish!

  7. Saint2004 says

    I’ve tried to use the hemmer foot on my machine and it does exactly what you describe as rolling the fabric evenly. However, my needle doesn’t seem to want to sew directly over the rolled edge but rather to the left, causing the hem to not be sewn properly. Any tips to correct this?

  8. Glückskind says

    Hi Stef,
    I’m so much in love with this foot – I do rolled hems on EVERYTHING (OK. Except knits.;)), even on waved hems. Thats a little bit tricky, but if you carefully feed the fabric into the foot so that it’s always lying flat an straight directly in front of the “snake” it works.

    For your information: I roll-hemmed a thick velveteen cotton just yesterday. That’s no problem.

    By the way: I don’t iron before starting. I just fold the fabric twice, use a tiny little bit of wondertape to fix the seam an start it like that. As soon as I have done the first stiches I pull the fabric backwards to me and put it into the “snake” part of the foot. Then I start seaming.

    If there are problems with the needle position you might check if you let the foot work by itself or if you move the fabric inconsciously to one side. I can change the needle-position but somtimes if I worry too much about my fabric entering correctly into the foot I pull a little bit too much – and the needle is out of the folded area.
    You could also take a piece of cardboard as thick as your hem and let it move under the foot together with your fabric to contol the position of the hem but that is a very uncomfortable way to work, especially if seaming big amounts of fabric.
    If it’s not that – go to let your machine check. It is possible that afer a few years the needle leaves the center position slightly. That may cause your problem. Give the mechanic your foot and tell him what you want to do! So he can carefully adjust the needle-position.

    Much love from the other side of the ocean! If my English is not clear, let me know!
    Thank you for your lovely and so inspiring blog, Stef!

    • says

      RaeAnna- Mine came with my machine, but I’ve had great success searching Amazon for feet. If you have a local sewing machine shop, you could call and ask them, too, they might be able to order it.

  9. Helena A. says

    Hi Stef! I have just found out your Blog and I am already a fan! You do such awesome things! Just to let you know that I have Pin several projects from your Blog to Pinterest!
    Kisses from Portugal

  10. Sara says

    I was so frustrated with my rolled hem foot that I tossed it in the draw and gave up. But now I want to get it out and give it another go. I think the key I was missing was the first 2-3 stitches before threading the fabric through the coil. Thanks for taking the time to make this tutorial!

  11. carolshelbylane says

    Wouldn’t you mark 1/8″ LESS instead of 1/8″ more? If you want the hemline 1” from the cut edge, you will end up cutting off 3/4 inch and folding 1/4 up into the two 1/8″ folds.
    I’m anxious to pull my rolled hem attachment out and practice – I usually do perfect narrow hems by free-folding and stitching near the edge, but I’ve had trouble on shears and loosely woven fabrics.

  12. Krungy GD says

    I have some material falling like chiffon, can I use the same technique?
    I can’t sew neatly. some parts of the material can’t be rolled.
    If you have a technique to solve it please let me know as soon as possible ..

  13. Didi says

    Thank you very much for this easy to understand tutorial. I’m going to try it today. That’s one extra sewing foot that came with my machine down, now to figure out what the other 6 do. 😉

  14. says

    Perfect timing! I just purchased a rolled hem foot for my Pfaff from ebay and am trying to sew altar cloths for church and was struggling with the beginning couple of inches — this has helped immensely! Thanks!

  15. Kathy Childress says

    Thank for your help. Would you also show how to cross a seam? Do you press the seam open or to one side?

    • girlinspired says

      Hi Kathy!

      I do usually press the seams open. If they are too bulky for the rolled hem foot, I sometimes lift the foot and wiggle the fabric out of the roll, then just hold the fabric rolled in place and sew over the seam, then wiggle it back into the foot to continue sewing. Hope that helps!

  16. shannon says

    Hi! LOVE this tutorial – great video and super clear. Quick question – I need to buy a rolled hem foot but I have been given the options of 4 mm, 5mm, and 7mm. Which do you use? Thanks again and keep doing your great work!

  17. Lenna says

    Thank you for your video. I think it would be great to have videos on sewing a rolled hem through a seam that is served or flat open 5/8 seam. Also how to use a rolled hem on a curved seam.

    I appreciate your sharing of knowledge, we all get to learn


  18. says

    Have always had trouble with rolled hems never thought to press the 1/8 hem first before inserting it into the guide thanks I think if I do that first I will have less problems


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