A Sweet Slumber Party

Ready for some slumber party pictures?  I hope so because the pictures are plentiful!  
This party was my favorite yet!  Small (though definitely not quiet!) with a few good friends.  Olivia’s seventh birthday – I love this girl so much!
 Graham and I got to soak up the celebration and the preparations were just as crafty and fun, but without all the stress.  I finished most of the crafting in the weeks leading up to the party and spent the few days before converting my family room into the party place.  I removed almost all of my regular mantle and family room decor, and I shopped around the house to redecorate with pink and grey girly decorations.  
This was so much fun!  We put two mattresses in the family room for the girls to all sleep on, along with a pile of blankets and pillows.  
The girls helped themselves to popcorn and a candy/snack bar throughout the night.  It was the perfect setup for a girly night of giggling, movie-watching, and sugar indulgence.  
Breakfast was a BIG hit!! 
For breakfast we served mini pancakes (pre-made a few days prior and frozen), donut hole fruit skewers (as seen on Pinterest), sausages, and whipped cream, mini-chocolate chips, and sprinkles for pancake toppings.  

The girls went home with their own little dollies that they got to make.  If you ever have a small, slumber party, this is THE activity for you!  Every single one of them just ate it up – LOVED making their very own doll.  It was awesome.  
Okay – that’s all I have to blab about for now, but if you haven’t had enough, you can keep scrolling for more purdy pictures!
Thanks for hanging out! 


  1. my4lilgirls says

    That is indeed a dream slumber party, so pretty & ever so girly, I am inspired.
    Love the wee dolls, is there a pattern?

  2. Glückskind says

    Oh, STEF! I’m reading your lovely Blog for a while now and I LOVED every single of your parties but this one surely is my alltime-favorite!
    My mother did a good job for my birthday-parties when I was a little girl, but a party like THIS I litterally would have died for.
    Now I feel that I have to improve my party-skills urgently! My girls so far were happy with their parties – they didn’t see your blog… But I did! And now… I think about slumber parties and colour schemes and felt ball garlands an pre-stuffed dolls (how clever!), too…
    Thank you so much. You made my day…
    Lots of love from the other side of the ocean,

  3. Emily says

    Oh my goodness, this is SO amazing. I have all boys and things like this make me just long for a girl. What a fabulous party.


  4. kristin says

    oooooh what a fun party! love the pink with gray and how you set the little gals up in your family room – generous mama! happy birthday, olivia!

  5. Sweetbug Studio says

    OH MY GOSH!!! Absolutely sweet and beautiful! I knew when I saw the doll garland a short time back you were going all out. It is the sweetest party set up–LOVE it!! Great work and what a sweet mom you are. I love the donut hole/fruit skewer idea (and the whole breakfast!) I will have to use this food idea for my soon to be 10 year old who really wants a sleepover party and loves treats! And your daughter is a doll–just beautiful!

  6. Bronwyn says

    Your daughter is one lucky girl! My heart leap in excitement as I scrolled through the pictures. In fact – I want a party with a girly pink and grey theme. Maybe for my 37th next year?? Thanks for sharing!!

  7. Kat says

    Ok spill the beans, how did you ever get them to make their own doll at the party? I would take forever to do that… I am in love with this party color scheme- so pretty and girlie!

  8. Erin says

    I’m speechless Stef! It’s the slumber party of any little girl’s dreams. Actually it’s the slumber party of MY dreams!

  9. Crystal from Fussy Monkey Business says

    Are you going to share a tutorial on how you made the dolls and how the girls put them together? I would love to do this as a Christmas craft party for my girlfriends. I think they would love the idea of making their daughters a doll for Christmas. As always, you did a fantastic job. Everything was beautiful:o)

  10. Charity says

    Your parties are always so perfectly girly, love it! I love the dolls, and the mini-pancakes look like so much fun. =)

  11. Danae says

    Beautiful party! I love how much thought and detail you put into EVERYTHING!!! I wish I could find the time to do all of that! 😉

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