Embroidered Pearl Dot Sheets

So easy to make your own Embroidered Pearl Dot Sheets.

Here’s a quick weekend project for you!  An easy way to dress up a plain set of sheets – use your sewing machine to add an embroidered dot border across the edge!

Make Embroidered Pearl Dot Sheets in Minutes!

I’ve used this embroidery stitch on my machine (it’s not a fancy embroidery machine, just one of the basic embroidery stitches built in) previously to accent the cuffs and hem of a coat and to embellish this Little Red Riding Hood cape.  I LOVE this stitch.

Make Embroidered Pearl Dot Sheets in Minutes!

I picked up a new white sheet set for my daughter’s bed for about $15.00.  Be sure to wash and dry the sheets before embroidering.

Make Embroidered Pearl Dot Sheets in Minutes!

Align your presser foot with  where you want the embroidery centered.  I experimented in a few spots and decided that I liked the dots centered right over that stitch line about 6 inches down from the top of the sheet.

Make Embroidered Pearl Dot Sheets in Minutes!

With your colored thread in the needle and bobbin of your machine, and the specific embroidery stitch selected, begin stitching down the line.  Let the machine do the work.  You can guide it gently to make sure that the sheet doesn’t get caught up, but you don’t want to pull the sheet through or the stitching will be uneven.

Make Embroidered Pearl Dot Sheets in Minutes!

My dots aren’t perfectly even, but I don’t think anyone will notice except me!

Make Embroidered Pearl Dot Sheets in Minutes!

Repeat around the edge of the pillowcase and then press the stitching really well, working out any cinching of the fabric that occurs with the stitching.  And that’s it!  You could add a monogram to the sheets, too, if you have a fancy machine, but I really like the simplicity of these embroidered pearl dot sheets just as they are!

Make Embroidered Pearl Dot Sheets in Minutes!

Have a great weekend AND please stop in Monday because I have the giveaway of all giveaways coming for you – you’re seriously not going to believe the prize!!


  1. The bed sheets look great but I’m curious how long they took you to make?

    • girlinspired says:

      Hi Mary,

      I didn’t time it, but, including stopping to take photos and pressing the sheets after, I’d say less than 30 minutes! The actual stitching part probably took 10 minutes for the sheet and 5 minutes for the pillowcase.

  2. They are beautiful! Can’t tell if they are black or navy?

  3. This looks so much nicer with the added stitching. I may have to go around doing this to every set in the house. Thanks!

  4. oh these look great, stef! very smart – i would never want to sew a whole sheet set (and i don’t even like sewing pillowcases) but this is a great way to add a little pop to IKEA ones. ;)

  5. Those are beautiful! That is a great way to fancy up something that is too plain. =)

  6. Great DIY project. They are classic!

  7. These sheets are perfection! I’ve linked to your post on Craft Gossip:

  8. Very Nice touch. Such a quick, simple accents to plain linens. I think we tend to forget. I know I do, that our machines have beautiful built in-stitches just waiting to embellish our lives. Thanks for this post as it has awakened my creativity with my stitches. I think I will start with a denim shirt.

  9. I love this! Beautiful!

  10. You make this look SO easy. I’m not so much a sewer but I feel inspired. My sewing machine might get some love this weekend! Thanks for the idea and sharing it.


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