Holiday Photo Tips with Pattern Anthology

Holiday Photo Tips

Photography has become just as much a part of my everyday creative routine as sewing, baking, and crafting.  As the writer of a creative blog, improving my photography is an absolute necessity.  And as a mom, I treasure the photographs that I’ve captured of my children that have come from the picture-taking demands of blogging.  I have no professional training in photography, but I’ve taught myself some tricks that work for me over the years.  Sewing new patterns and sharing pattern reviews here has become the primary drive behind most of my girls’ “photo shoots” around here.  Along with Pattern Anthology’s newest release of their Winter Wonderland Pattern Collection, they asked me to review a new dress pattern and give some holiday photo tips.  So, today’s post is a two-for-one – you get my holiday version of the Amaryllis Dress Pattern AND my latest and greatest tips for getting that perfect holiday picture of your little one(s).

Photo Tip #1:  Plan your Outfit (and fabrics) Carefully.  Things that I find more difficult to photograph – shiny fabrics, the color red, and busy high-contrast patterns.  I chose a taffeta for this Christmas dress.  It has just enough shine and structure to give the dress a nice, holiday feel, but the fabric is not going to give my camera lens a funky glare or make exposure difficult.  I also loved the plaid pattern and the subtle mix of colors makes it easy on the eye (and camera) while still feeling festive.

Amaryllis Dress Pattern Review

Photo Tip #2:  Consider shoes and accessories that will complete the scene.  Be sure to plan the full outfit, not just the main pieces.  Shoes should match the feel of the picture – nothing says fancy like black patent leather, nothing says summer casual like bare feet – you get the point.  For girls, a nice pop of color up in the hair goes a long way in making a photograph look professional.  I made the headband that Addie is wearing here in about five minutes.  I simply ironed a piece of the dress fabric, layered some Phoomph onto it, wrapped it around a plastic headband, and hot glued the backside to secure the fabric in place – presto!  Take the time to make a hair piece for your photo shoot – you won’t regret it!  I have several hair accessory tutorials under the Crafts tab if you’re looking for ideas or how-to.

Holiday Photo Tips

Photo Tip #3:  Location.  Sometimes, you step outside your front door or kick the clutter out of the way and shoot a quick picture.  But for those special occasions and keepsake pictures, take the time to pack up and travel to a place that has the feel you want.  Where I live, everything looks very Autumn right now (or maybe even summer), but I needed a Christmas-y setting for these pictures.  I hadn’t scouted out any Christmas tree farms in advance, but I knew that if we hopped on the freeway and started driving towards Lake Tahoe that it wouldn’t take but 15 minutes to reach some good forest land.  Once the landscape changed to mostly evergreens, we pulled off the freeway at a rest stop – and bam!  perfect photo shoot setting.  Also, even when you’ve chosen a location, try a few different settings and lots of angles for your pictures.  You never know where the light is going to fall just perfectly or how the background will look until you start shooting.

Holiday Photo Tips

Amaryllis Dress Pattern Review

Photo Tip #4:  Bring Help!!  I don’t know about you, but if it’s me hiding behind my camera fidgeting with the dials, trying to photograph one kid, bored by my fidgeting, the shoot is just not going to be all that successful.  But if I have someone else standing beside me to distract the “model,” everything goes much smoother.  When kids start interacting with someone else, they forget about the camera and their real personality shines through.  The expressions that flick across their face as they’re talking or giggling or listening to a sibling or another adult talking make the perfect moments for capturing on film.  Sure, the posed, smiling pictures are lovely, but my favorites are always the ones where my girls have that extra sparkle in their eyes.  And usually, that smile is elicited from my “help.”

Holiday Photo Tips

Photo Tip #5:  PROPS.  Props. Props. Props.  Props work a lot like the human helpers from Tip #4 – they distract your model from the real business of posing for the camera.  Don’t expect that you’ll hand over a prop and they’ll hold it just so and you can snap one picture and be done.  DO bring several props and try them out with your model.  Refrain from a lot of instruction and just see what happens.  I cut some snowflakes out of glitter paper and my husband strung them onto a piece of lace while we started taking pictures.  I handed the strand to Addie and was fiddling with the camera.  Before I knew it, she broke out in some snowflake song I’ve never heard – I have no idea if it’s a real song or not, but she was singing all about the snowflakes falling down and dancing her strand around.  I have quite a few picture of her all hunched over the “fallen” snowflakes, but amongst those, I got a gem of a shot as the snowflakes came back up for another go.  Magic.  This is my favorite picture of the lot (yes, I know I already showed it, but I like it so much, we’re going to see it again).  The prop is simple, it doesn’t distract from Addie or the outfit, but it reflects the feel of the picture and it also brought out her sweet, little personality.

Holiday Photo Tips

Photo Tip #6:  Take a million photos.  And then a few more.  The beauty of digital cameras is that there is no harm in taking as many pictures as you can squeeze in.  I try not to give too many instructions and as long as the sun and the clock are cooperating, I let my girls mostly control the photo shoot.  They’re much more cooperative that way.  I just keep snapping photos and then sort through them all when we get home.  Tongues sticking out, crossed eyes, collecting sticks?  Those can all be tossed out during the editing process.

Holiday Photo Tips and Amaryllis Dress Pattern Review

Photo Tip #7:  Rewards and Making your little person feel special.  I’ve learned that the way I present the photo opportunity makes a huge difference in my girls’ willingness to participate in said opportunity.  I start gearing them up with something like this.  “I’m working on a new dress just. for. you. Addison….just wait until you see it…oh my gosh, your eyes are sparkling so bright in that dress, you must really like it….would you like me to do your hair with some fancy curls….I am so excited to see the pictures from your special Christmas dress photo shoot…you look so fancy…etc. etc. etc.”  They feel like the star of your show and they love being the center of attention.  It’s all. about. them.  I also give my children rewards after a photo shoot – it’s like their payment for a job well done.  Hot chocolate, a piece of candy or bubble gum, dinner at a drive thru of their choice, dollar store toys, and cash all work well.

Holiday Photo Tips

Okay, so those are my main tricks for setting kids up for a successful holiday photo shoot – I hope some of these things will be helpful to some of you!

Now, I wanted to say a few more things about this dress pattern!  The Amaryllis Dress, by Melissa from Blank Slate Patterns, is just one of the patterns available in the Winter Wonderland Collection by Pattern Anthology.  This latest collection has some patterns that are absolutely perfect for holiday garments (for boys and girls!) and it also has some great, cozy basics!  I think I’m sewing the trapper hat next because it is irresistible and I can’t even stand the cuteness of the Peter Pan collar on the little blouse!!  Anyway….the Amaryllis Dress – this dress is fun and unique.  It’s fully lined and the way it’s constructed allows for full reversibility – great for when your child smears cookie crumbs all over their Christmas dress and you still have three more holiday parties to hit up!  Also, the dress is a wrap dress – the front bodice/skirt wraps around and snaps in the back while the back wraps around and ties into a pretty bow in the front.  The back skirt is a full circle skirt, which means that this baby has all the twirl-ability Addie could hope for!

Amaryllis Dress Pattern Review

The dress takes a lot of fabric, which is the only downside to the pattern, in my opinion.  However, I squeaked out a size 3T from 2.5 yards of taffeta and just a small amount of a secondary fabric (used on part of the lining).  So….you can be creative and use less fabric.  And most fancier dresses are going to require a decent amount of fabric – you’re still going to be better off than buying a ridiculously expensive, not as unique dress from a department store.  Let’s see…what else?   I sewed a 3T even though Addie typically wears a 4T in sewn and store-bought clothes.  I followed the sizing chart, which pointed me to a 3T based on her chest and waist measurements – I thought it might be a little short, but I usually like little girl’s dresses a bit shorter than most patterns and this one turned out just perfect on her!  I found the taffeta finicky to work with, but the finished dress is so pretty, it was worth it.  Also, I finished all of the hemming with a rolled hem – there’s no other way to do a circle skirt hem on taffeta and silk while staying sane (at least not for me!)

Amaryllis Dress Pattern Review

The back of the dress closes with a single button – I like the simplicity of this while the front of the dress has all the fanciness.  This sewing pattern is labeled intermediate, but Melissa’s instructions are thorough and explained clearly.  Aside from some tricky piecing that I did on the lining to conserve fabric, the dress sewed up really quickly!  It’s a good one for those holiday dresses!

Amaryllis Dress Pattern Review


The Winter Wonderland Collection is available for a limited time at Pattern Anthology.
And definitely check out the other stops on the tour – there are scarf tutorials, pattern remixes, and more tips for sibling photos and holiday photos.  There are over 40
bloggers joining in on the fun. You can see the posts on the hosting blogs (Melly SewsSee Kate SewThe Train to Crazy and Shwin&Shwin) or on this list which will be updated as the tour progresses.

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    • girlinspired says

      Oh, yes, Stephanie! Please send me a picture – I want to see what you make! I love the plaid, too, so fun that it’s trendy right now!

  1. says

    OMGosh! Love the dress and photos. I was admiring your sewing of the beautiful dress, the adorable model and then stopped on the angelic face in that close up! I literally stopped, put my hand to my mouth, and welled up–the face of an angle! Gosh that picture would be blown up and placed prominently in my home if it were me. And I know you have tons of beautiful photos of your girls–it must be hard to choose. Sometimes I just think “God blesses us with some beautiful children, inside and out”. Yes? You know I love your photographing abilities. Always wonderful! You are in your element :)

    • girlinspired says

      Your comments always put the biggest smile on my face, Kristin. Thank you so much! You have reminded me that I need to narrow down some more recent pictures and swap out some of my framed collections around the house. I think I still have quite a few from when Addie was a newborn. eek! And yes, we are so incredibly blessed to be responsible for these beautiful little people. Hope your week is wonderful!

  2. says

    Stef I love, love, love this. So holiday, so festive – I think your other girls need coordinating outfits for your holiday photo because this is perfection on Addison and you can’t just send out cards with only one kid on them :-) Thanks for being on the tour.

    • girlinspired says

      Thanks, Melissa, yes, the other girls definitely need coordinating outfits! Thanks again for creating such a fun, pretty pattern!

  3. Queenie says

    Wow! beautiful photo’s. What a gorgeous dress as well as your daughter. I love the shiny bright colorful fabric that you used for this dress, stunning. Great job Stef!

  4. says

    Oh my goodness! The dress is perfect, the pictures are perfect, the tips are perfect. I didn’t think you could out do your amazingness but you did again!

  5. says

    Oh man oh man this dress is so so lovely and exactly what I envisioned for my girls (if only I hadn’t messed up my fabric order) I love it! and the photos are so so cute! She is so pretty and the location is divine! Thanks for joining us on the tour!

    • girlinspired says

      Oh, Shauna, all of your versions of the collection have been so amazing. I’m sorry about your fabric order, but there’s still lots of time before Christmas for plaid taffeta!! :)

  6. says

    It’s beautiful! Perfect for holiday wear and looks fun for her to wear too! Loved your photo tips, and that is definitely one that I find to be most important with mine – if I’m making clothes they are excited about and love to wear, the photos turn out great because that shines through! Ha same works for self-sewing, frankly. 😉

    • girlinspired says

      Hahaha! I’ll tell you how I get kids to go to bed if you’ll tell me how to get them to clean up their toys! Thanks for the sweet words!

  7. says

    Stopping and from the Monday blog hop to say hello! These are great tips! I just got a new camera and am learning beginner photography so this is very helpful. It doesn’t hurt that your subject is adorable too! :-)

  8. Chantal says

    Clicked on over from Shwin&Shwin and I am in love with this dress. You did such a great job. Such a pretty little girl too :) Would you mind sharing where you got this fabric?

    • girlinspired says

      Hi Chantal, Thank you! The fabric is from Jo-Ann!! They have a few different colorways – it’s so pretty, huh?


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