Baby Shower Embellishment Station

The embellishment station at the forest wonderland baby shower was well received by so many guests, young and old.  The goal was to provide a variety of elements for clothes decorating so that there was something for everyone.
I have a thing for buttons.  When my cousin and I were little girls, we’d spend hours and hours playing in our Granny’s button drawer.  I guess it made a lasting impact.  I know my cousin appreciated the extra large selection of buttons for decorating her little girl’s layette.  
For appliques, there were a few options for guests.  I pre-made a variety of iron-on appliques, some simple, some layered and complex.  These were popular among guests; all they needed to do was peel off the paper backing and iron them right into place on the garment.  For the more adventurous guests, I provide scraps of fabric with lite heat’n’bond already on the back.  I also provided simple and complex cardstock templates for making appliques.  Quite a few people went to town creating their own appliques.  I cut the templates using the Cindy Loo cartridge with my Cricut.  I also provided scraps of fabric without adhesive, but I don’t think this was needed.  
The cutest little tags with the cutest little safety pins for guests to tag their work.  The tags are from Martha Stewart; found them at Joanns.  Safety pins from my stash.
Oops…another button picture.  How did that get in there?
And this….possibly my favorite thing (besides the teeny tiny baby clothes) I made for the whole shower.  A felted toadstool pincushion.  It’s kinda so fuzzy and irresistable, I just want to carry it around.  I like it a lot.  But, it’s made from styrofoam, so it’s actually not all that durable.  I’m thinking on a better way; for the purpose of looking cute and holding needles at the shower though, it did just fine.


  1. Charity says

    I really love the selection of buttons! My button stash is currently quite small, but someday I want to have a bucket full to pick from. =)
    Those little appliques are so cute, and I love the gift tags you found.
    And the pincushion is adorable! It just needs a little critter hiding underneath it. =)

  2. Kristie Clower says

    Squee! You totally out did yourself. I LOVE this idea. If I ever have to plan another baby shower, I’m totally doing this. And the buttons! I’m kind of a button collector. I never want to use them though because I love to open the draw and just stare at them.

  3. Sunae Reilly says

    I share your button love! My specialty is vintage buttons and I scour thrift shops and antique stores for the perfect button a bit too regularly (it’s becoming an obsession!)

  4. kristin says

    CUTE. Um we tried to do a onesie embellishment station at my sister’s shower a few years back but I was not nearly as prepared as you. Awesome job, madam!

  5. Lanie says

    Those buttons are like candy to me! Great photos Stef! I’m so pleased that others have this same button obsession. :)

  6. Sarah says

    Hi Stef, OMG so so cute. You are amazing and an awesome “designer”. Your little pin cushion mushroom is so so perfect for my granddaughters birthday theme. By any chance would you tell me how you made this. I read you used felt but that looks fuzzy and embellished. Once again your whole theme is just adorable adorable. Thank you for sharing your awesome ideas!

    • girlinspired says

      OH! Thank you so much, Sarah! I used a half circle piece of styrofoam and a small cone (I think) for the base of the mushroom — I kind of dug a little hole in the bottom of the half circle and then glued in the cone. I think I used hot glue, though hot glue melts styrofoam, so it was tricky. You might try to use something more sturdy for the base if you want to have it be useable beyond a birthday party prop. Anyhow, once I had the base, I used felted wool and a felting poker tool to cover the top with pink felted wool and the base with greens. Then, I just took some little pieces of white felted wool and poked them into the pink top for the mushroom spots. Hope that helps! Gosh, I made that a long time ago and had forgotten about it – thanks for the reminder!! Have fun!

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