Three Scallop Quilts

 On a foggy day in January of 2011, I started cutting scallop pieces from my favorite fabrics.  Months prior to that I had pulled stacks of fabric from my stash in bright shades of pink, green, aqua, yellow, and white.  I struggled with a quilt design and finally came across Sandi Henderson’s “Picnic Quilt” in her book, Sewing Bits and Pieces.  Perfect!  I do love me some scallops!  The work was tedious, primarily since I had to cut enough pieces to do three quilts.  Remember when I was cutting 240 scallops?  
My motivation fizzled once I started pressing the curved edge under on each and every piece.  I put the project away.  Then, a few months ago, we moved the girls all into one bedroom, our “bonus” space over the garage.  We lined up their beds all along one wall and I vowed that I would finish their quilts before decorating their room.  That was the push I needed to finally finish these things.  They turned out bright and fun and gorgeous.  The girls each got to choose their favorite fabrics for the borders and backing and each quilt turned out unique.  
  I used a variety of fabrics from Sandi Henderson, Heather Bailey, and Amy Butler.  I also cut up a couple crib sheets that hadn’t been used very much to add to the bunch.  And there are a few fabrics for which I’m unaware of the designer/manufacturer.  The quilts took A LOT of fabric and were more labor intensive than I would have liked.  I’m glad I didn’t know that going in though, because I’m so happy to have them all so pretty now that they’re done.  I don’t think it would be so terrible to do one quilt this way, but three all at once was just too much for me to stay excited about. 
I looked into having the quilts professionally quilted as I had completely lost steam by that point, but the cost was too much to justify.  I ended up doing a free-motion swirly loopy stitch all over the three quilts.  They washed up super snuggly and the quilting actually only took a few hours for each quilt once I got going.  I’m glad I went this route – besides, don’t you think imperfect quilting says “mommy loves you” more than a stranger’s picture perfect stitches??  haha!
 The girls are extremely excited to have their new, special quilts.  And I am extremely excited to move on to new sewing projects!!  And decorating their room!!
What are you up to this week?  Sewing plans?  Back to school plans?  (We start Wednesday!!) Baking plans?  Do tell…


  1. says

    WOW, WOW, WOW!!! You’ve outdone yourself, Stef. Those are gorgeous!! That room looks straight out of a high end magazine. Absolutely LOVE it!! Did I use enough exclamation points?!!!!!!!

  2. kristin says

    Omigosh Stef these are GORGEOUS! Great job perservering!!! You’re amazing. We just repainted Em’s room and I decided she needs a new quilt, but I’ll be nowhere as ambitious as you were here. Three quilts all lined up – it looks fantastic!

  3. Kristie Clower says

    Omigoshomigoshomigosh! I totally just fell in love. How do you pick such amazing fabric? Like everything else you make these are gorgeous.

  4. Bavmorda says

    HOLY MACKEREL!!!! The quilts are absolutely beautiful, and the room is gorgeous!!! Any little girl would love it!

  5. Judy says

    I am so impressed. The room is just gorgeous. How lucky are your girls to have a mom who could make them each such a special quilt. Really beautiful job.

  6. Julie says

    These are SO pretty! I just love the assortment of fabrics that you chose. Love how they look with those cute sheets and the pillows, too!

  7. Four Little Munchkins says

    These are gorgeous! I’m drooling. I have three girls who share a room (and a boy). I’ve wanted to make coordinating quilts but have the same problem you have… making three is just overwhelming. But yours turned out so beautifully!

    I also love how you flanked the window with bookcases. Perfect. Congratulations to you on pushing through!

  8. Lanie says

    It kind of makes my life complete to see three little beds all lined up like this. I’ve been waiting to see the girls’ room and missed the entire bunk bed stage! I love more than anything that the girls all want to share a room. I love that Graham moved them all into one room without you knowing, and I love these really special quilts.

    The fact that you started this over 1.5 years ago shows how completely different we are. I am so impatient and if I can’t see the project coming together by the end of the…weekend? I can’t do it. It just goes to show how dedicated and meticulous you are and how you end up with such a beautiful home. You should really write a book on “the big picture” and waiting for things to come together. I know you think it’s procrastination, but really it’s patience! Love you!!!

  9. Vanessa@Designs By Sessa says

    That is NO small feat! Wow! I don’t quilt, but seeing this makes me feel like I could eventually tackle it! Great!!! JOB! And the room is beautiful!

  10. Sweetbug Studio says

    Oh my goodness!!! These are the most beautiful quilts I have ever seen! And to have the girls beds in a row–straight out of a magazine! My girls start today but I just had to get this comment in NOW! BRAVO to you! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE.

  11. Clever Blonde -Donna G says

    Ah. I started reading your blog with much interest. Got to thinking maybe I should add one these quilts to my ‘Wish to do list’! You lost me at 240 scallops. But they look so so so beautiful. They were so worth it. Something I’m sure the girls will treasure for a long time. I can imagine the thrill they must feel each night climbing under the gorgeous quilt that you laboured over. I shared a room like this with my 2 younger sisters, thanks for the lovely reminder.

  12. Silver Rose says

    I love, love, LOVE these quilts! You always inspire me…I can’t wait until I am done with graduate school and can make one of these for my future little ones!

  13. Patty@Lemon Lane Cottage says

    What a precious gift for your girls, one they will always treasure. The colors are perfectly scrumptous and I know you will do a fantastic job on their room.

  14. Amy (naptimecrafters) says

    So gorgeous!! And I love that your 3 girls share a room. I shared with my sister until we were teenagers and I have so many fun memories!

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