Teatime Signature Look – Project Run and Play, The Finals!

So, this is it!  The final round at Project Run and Play!  Are you as excited as I am?  This has been such a crazy and fun adventure and I am so honored to have been included!  I appreciate each of your comments and support so much.

If you have been a follower of my blog for any amount of time, you could have probably guessed in an instant that my “Signature Look” this week would include ruffles.  And the Shabby Chic fabric is probably not much of a surprise either!  The design is new, though, and I love it!  I’m so proud of yet another entire look that was created without patterns – I think the Teatime Signature outfit is a timeless look, and I think it’s appropriate for a wide age range.  It includes a ruffly dress, a soft and fancy jacket, hair bows, and upcycled shoes.

You can read all about how I define my “Signature Look” over at Project Run and Play
to summarize – the clothes I make are fancy, but I don’t think that limits the number of occasions when they can be worn.  We “dress up” daily and celebrate often and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

You can read the details on the outfit here, but I wanted to point out a couple things that you can see in more detail here.  In the above picture, you can see the clay button on the jacket that was handmade using a stamp and polymer clay.  You can also see the pretty lace detailing on the jacket sleeves.  Below is a great picture showing those beautiful ruffles as well as the upcycled shoes.  Have you ever put fabric on shoes?  LOVE how they turned out.  I might be hitting the thrift stores for makeover shoes for all the girls!

As an aside, I’m also LOVING how this tent turned out for a photo prop (and the girls love to play in it!)  I changed the pattern a little bit to include the ruffle around the opening.  I also used wooden dowels instead of the recommended PVC pipe and I’m really happy with the results – you can find the original pattern through Little Lizard King.

Now, pardon me while I post some additional pictures, mostly because I think my Addison is just so darn cute!  She was in great spirits for her own personal tea party while her sisters were off at school.  So silly and giggly, the best scenario for pictures that moms like to frame.  If ever I wanted to capture her personality at age 2, this is it right here!

So, that’s it!  The end of this event and on to the looooong list of nexts.  Thank you again for playing along!  And did you see that you can post your own signature looks for a final group vote next week?  I’d love to hear if you’re participating!! 


  1. kim says

    addison is absolutely adorable!!!! in fact the whole tea party is perfection. love the beautiful ruffle dress, precious pink coat, fabric covered shoes, lovely bows, and fabulous ruffle tent. everything is gorgeous….as all of your creations are!!!!
    it is so great to keep our little girls in these beautiful dresses and celebrate their lives everyday…. as they are so precious and grow way too quickly.
    {left a comment earlier and wanted to see if by any chance i could please get your tip on getting pink tea. i am having a tea party for my daughter’s birthday next weekend and saw that you wrote about that for one of your daughter’s tea parties}. thank you so much!
    your work is amazing! i voted for you and am anxious to see more of your gorgeous creations. thank you for being such an inspiration.

    • says

      Thank you, Kim!!

      Wishing your daughter a very happy birthday!! To make the pink “tea,” I just added the tiniest drop of red food coloring to a large pot of water – adjust with more or less until it’s the color you like! too easy, right?

  2. Anonymous says

    I was so happy to see you use this fabric! I just love it, used in our quite book project, still trying to finish! I will. love everything you do! I want to make our grandaughter a dress out of the fabric and the cute pattern you did hope you post the tut. thanks Tracy

  3. Anonymous says

    Oh.My.Goodness!!!! I am loving (LOVING!!) your outfits and THIS is beautiful!!!!! My girls are 11 and 18 now, so they won’t let me sew them ruffles anymore…..so….I am getting my ruffle, girly fix…from your blog!!!!! I LOVE this outfit!!!!!…..sooooo sweet!!!!!!!!!


  4. Kristie-Creating Chaos says

    Fabulous Stef. This dress is definitely your signature style. Out of all the challenges I think this is the one I was most excited to see. Great job. I’m rooting for you!

  5. Danielle says

    Beautiful job as always! Its been so fun getting to know everybody’s different styles and this looks so perfectly you!! Darling and well done!

    Also.. the link on the PR&P site to your page isn’t working!!

  6. Jessie says

    Wow this was my favorite of all your pieces. I just think it’s so darn pretty and your little girl looks soooo happy! Perfect.

  7. Anonymous says

    I soooo love this dress! You got nearly all my votes throught the PR&P contests. This is my favorite of all. LOOOVE the main fabric on the teatime dress!!!

  8. toots2u says

    The dress, shoes, and jacket are beautiful and what I know of you from reading your blog I would say it is you to a “tea”

  9. cpasseno says

    Beautiful outfit!! I would have never thought to do shoes that way, but I will be trying it. My granddaughter would love this dress and jacket, and the tent. So cute!!! I really hope you win, every week you amaze me with your creativity and sewing skill. I am sad this is the end of PR&P for now. I will still be following your blog and hoping for some tutorials on your creations. Thanks so much.

  10. kristin says

    This is perfectly you! Congratulations on a job well done all season. Your daughter is super adorable, too. Good luck!

  11. says

    *Hi* My name is Joy…I found your site on a Linkys party off a different website in December, around the time you were making the cloth books… I’ve been keeping up with you ever since. I LOVE your site, even though my daughter is already 16. You are EXACTLY “who” I’ve always “wanted to be” as a wife and mother:) I guess that’s why I enjoy your site so much!! :)I never had the courage or confidence to try to actually learn how to do all the crafty and sewing things you do… I wish I had:( But I just want you to be encouraged… I think YOU should diffintely WIN the project run and play 😀 YOUR BY FAR THE *BEST* :) I LOVE your style! :) And the last challenge fits you perfectly (according to what I see on your website)… so I hope you win :) P.S. My daughter and I looked at ALL your blog posts together last night… all the way back to August 2009!! It was fun :)

  12. Peg says

    Just found you, what an adorable little girl, she looks so sweet in her dress/ shoes and at her tea party. It’s so nice to see a girl as a girl instead of in t/shirts and jeans, now ducking to avoid the books thrown at me LOL.

    Love your blog.

  13. AmelieK says

    My two girls would just love this outfit – especially the ever so wonderful jacket. I love the trim detail – it makes the outfit and the shoes are brilliant. I really need to try doing that – have you tried doing the same on the inside cuting out foam to create new in-soles and then mod podge fabric on. I love secret details! I also fully concur with your everyday is a day to be fancy. Your little girl is so wonderfully confident in front of the camera and very sweet. Thanks so much for taking the time to share your creations.

  14. Patrice says

    You inspire me!! I love love love the Tea Time dress. I hope to have the confidence to tackle a dress like this for my two toddler grand daughters some time soon. Keep posting your creations please!

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