Mission Reorganization: a Project Table…at long last

Custom Built Project Table for Craft/Sewing Room
 So excited to finally have this project done and moved into its permanent home!  Two and a half years ago, very pregnant with Addison, I came waddling home from my girlfriend’s house to report that her husband was building her a nice craft table, which he was going to cover with a sheet of stainless steel.  Graham’s ears perked up, as I knew they would.  We had some discussion about the “project table” that had been on our “want desperately, but can’t buy”  list for a while.  Graham was inspired.  He went to Home Depot and bought wood and parts and…stuff.  I could see the stainless steel sparkling in his eyes.  He began cutting and routing, gluing and building.  I gave birth to Addie and Graham injured his back.  Carpentry progress halted indefinitely.  Pieces of the project table were moved here and there in the garage.  Every now and then, we’d talk about pulling it out … but then I flooded the house.  remember that?  The flood ruined the hardwood, which had to be replaced, which meant complete upheaval to clear out the disorganized office/craft room.  Over the summer, we have slowly put the house back together.  And carpentry work on the project table resumed for a final stretch.  At long last, the project table has been moved into the office.
Custom Built Project Table for Craft/Sewing Room
Custom Built Project Table for Craft/Sewing Room

Custom Built Project Table for Craft/Sewing Room The table was modeled after Pottery Barn’s Bedford project table.  It has 9 large cubbies on each side; the cubbies house many craft supplies including baskets for thread, patterns, stamps, scrapbooking supplies, and fabric. The tabletop is extra large for spreading my stuff WAY out or sharing workspace!  I don’t think we’ll be adding any stainless steel.  It wasn’t a ploy; we just changed our minds after a year or two.  Also, I have plans to spruce up those boring walls; here’s to hoping it doesn’t take two more years!

Custom Built Project Table for Craft/Sewing Room
 Even though this was a project that needed to rest mid-way through, I’m so glad that we did it!  Thanks, honey!  I’ll try to confine my craft messes to the top of this awesome table!



  1. Anonymous says

    OMG!! I am in serious table envy now!!! I think I need to kick Steve out of the workshop and convert it to my workroom with one of those in the middle. But..you know….what would make that table look better..an embroidery machine on it!!!!

  2. Ashley says

    it looks great! I am planning something like this for my craft room at the new house! I love the decorative touches you added!!

  3. Holly Lefevre says

    I have had my eye on a table like that for awhile…Yours is beautiful! Maybe I will get moving n mine now! I am follower 1000 – congrats!
    504 Main

  4. Catherine says

    Gorgeous! I love this style craft table & have drooled over it myself for awhile. Love the corner detail (and how neat & organized your space is!).

  5. Jane of All Trades says

    Great Table! I have been tossing ideas around for a new table and this gives me another one to add to the list. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Ruth says

    I made something similar for my son’s room. I used bookcases instead of cubbies. Hope you can stop by my blog and see.


  7. Courtney {a thoughtful place} says

    I absolutely love this. I have always wanted to tackle this but alas . . nothing. You did a beautiful job. And I love the jars on top with the pinwheels. Makes me want to pop over and start working on a project.

  8. Ashley says

    I have actually been wanting to make this same table after seeing it in Pottery Barn! Where did you find your cubby shelves?

  9. bandaidequeen says

    What a clever idea. Glad it came to fruition at last. That is how some projects happen at our house too. I am thinking that this could also be a great kitchen island.

  10. Anonymous says

    What are the dimensions of your table. Looking at doing something similar, but the other one I found looks much bigger, therefore harder to find space for. Yours looks big enough to be functional, but not take up half the room.

    Also, what do you have your fabric wrapped on (I see it in the background)?? Looks like a more compact way to store than traditional stacking.

  11. Anonymous says

    Looks awesome. Can’t wait to have my husband do the same thing to my craft room.

    What are the dimensions of your table? How big is each opening?

  12. Pat McCabe says

    I agree with everyone else here!!! Where did you get the cubbies and would you give out the instructions???? Please??????

    • Anonymous says

      Ive been looking at craft room ideas on pinterest most of this sleepless night…..lots of people suggest using 2 small bookshelves from walmart at about $16 a piece and for a top use a unfinished hollow door from homedepot or lowe’s….I hope this helps =)

  13. says

    I did another post more recently on this project table. My husband hasn’t put together a tutorial for us yet, but he built the cubbies from scratch versus buying bookcase cubbies. I wanted them larger to fit binders and the baskets and I also wanted the whole thing sturdy enough to hold up a big top. He basically routed out notches in the boards and then interlocked them together to form the cubbies – does that make sense? Hope it helps! Maybe someday I’ll be able to put together more specific instructions! Check back!

  14. Brooke says

    Same here! I have a wonderful drafting table with a large piece of glass that I would like to do this with. But I MUST find these cubbys! help!!

  15. Kristin says

    Beautiful space! Where did you buy the cubbies? Were they pretty inexpensive? I love this table design!

    • says

      We built the cubbies from scratch so that they could be custom-sized and more sturdy than store-bought cubbies. More details in the comments above…

  16. ME says

    brilliant, practical, and beautiful!
    Next I want to hear about the cabinet/shelving in the back ground.

  17. Lori says

    This is Great! My husband and I are looking to it but I have a question. I am really short and would like to use it as a sewing table as well as a crafting table. Would you just cut it down if you were us?
    Thanks so much,

    • says

      The beauty of the table is that you can build it any size you want. I’m only 5’1″ and I actually do use it primarily as a sewing table, but….I like to sew standing up. I know I’m weird, but that’s just how I sew! I do use that stool, though, which is adjustable and I can sit on that up at the table if I’m sewing for a long while, like quilting or something. Many people have talked about using prebuilt cubby bookcases, which would result in a shorter table, too – it’s actually one of the main reasons we custom built it – to have it be taller. The only other drawback I could see to building the whole thing shorter is that, if you maintained the 9-cubby look, you’d end up with much shorter cubby spaces and you have to consider what you’d want to be storing in the cubbies – I built the cubbies around the baskets and a space for binders/magazines. You could always cut it down to 6 cubbies??? Good luck!

      My finished dimensions are: 62.5″ long x 42″ wide x 37.5″ tall

  18. Jenna says

    I am planning to try and build a table like this…do you have any more details or instructions from your project?
    What did you use for the table top? How did you support it so it wouldn’t bow in the middle? Did you just paint it or did you also coat it with something else to help protect the surface?

    Thanks so much!

  19. Sarah Navina says

    What a idea! you have discovered extra space in the table. What a great thinking. Its totally looking custom made and your own idea… I have searched at some furniture online stores but failed and now i take this picture and placed the order for exactly like this table. I really love this one. Big Thanks for sharing.

  20. stef says

    Hi, I love this table and I am trying to see if I find the space for it right now … just a question for interest … how high and how wide did your table end up? Thanks!

  21. says

    Ooh, it is ABSOLUTELY perfect, and so worth the wait! I have serious craft table envy… its wonderful!!! I pinned an ikea hack that had a similar concept… cubbies on the sides… but nowhere near the incredible style of this guy. All the little details like the scrolly bits! Lovely. I’m sure you were thrilled to get all your goodies moved in, and have a space exclusively for your crafty endeavors!
    Thanks for the inspiration,
    Rachel of OddModicum

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