Felt Flower Tiaras (Children’s Craft Activity)

While waiting at the cut counter one afternoon, I peeked over the clerks’ shoulders to see which sewing book they were oohing and ahhing over.  Couldn’t catch the book title, but I did see some super cute tiaras made from flowers and pipe cleaners.  So, I packaged up a little felt flower tiara kit for Olivia for Christmas.
I pre-cut a bazillion flowers from felt using my Sizzix and this die.  You could certainly cut the flowers by hand, but I’m not so good at the art of freehand.
Then I made two parallel slits in the center of each flower and tucked them all in a clear little bag with a tie of ribbon at the top.  Another bow of ribbon around a stack of pipe cleaners and a cute little packet of folded ribbon completed the kit.  So Simple!  I packaged the tiara kit with this flower garden board game by eeBoo.
Liv pulled out the kit on a rainy Valentine’s Day and made her daddy the prettiest tiara!  And he loved it so much he was still wearing it long after the girls were sound asleep in bed.  I think you should put together a little kit for your girls, too!  Their daddies can thank the ladies at the cut counter…and the unknown author of that book.
We’re hoping for a rare layer of snow around here…crossing my fingers!  I know many of you actually live day-to-day throughout the winter with snow, but for us it would be a real treat!!  Unless we lose power, ’cause that wouldn’t be nearly as much fun.


  1. says

    Oh, my goodness, these are cuuuute. I’m always looking for inexpensive and easy things to give to the kids at the pediatric office where I work, and these certainly fit the bill! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Shari @For the Little Doll In Your Life says

    Thank you SO much for your post. First, I can think of so many uses for this craft: fairy dress up, renaissance faires, May Day celebration at school. Second, I have a Cuttlebug die cut machine (same type), and I had no idea you could use them to cut fabric!! I’m so excited about the possibilities. Does it dull the die quickly (especially with felt)?


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