Minky Swing Free Girls Jacket Pattern

FREE Pattern for Minky Swing Jacket

Thanks for your patience, friends! I told you last week that I would have a pattern for you for the Minky Swing Jacket and I think I finally have it together enough to share it with you!  Please note, this free pattern is in one size – 4T, although it’s roomy enough that you could easily size it up a few sizes by extending the sleeve length and hemline.  And frankly, even littler ones could probably wear it just fine.  So a very forgiving 4T is what I have for you today!  You can find the link to download the pattern pieces below, followed by a quick tutorial for sewing the jacket together.

FREE Pattern for Minky Swing Jacket


Minky Swing Free Girls Jacket Pattern – download and print here
3 yards minky fabric (1 1/2 main and 1 1/2 lining) – this is a generous fabric allottment
elastic cording for loop
1-2 buttons, any size

Free Girls Jacket Pattern and Tutorial

1.  After printing and assembling the pattern pieces, use the pattern to cut the pieces for the jacket.  Cut 1 bodice piece on the fold for the back.  Cut two bodice front pieces (one left, one right).  Cut two sleeves on the fold.   Repeat for all lining pieces (one back, two front, two sleeves).  Cut two collar pieces on the fold (not shown).

Free Girls Jacket Pattern and Tutorial

2.  Match bodice fronts and bodice back, right sides together, at the shoulder seams.  Sew with 1/2″ seam.

Free Girls Jacket Pattern and Tutorial

3.  Open front and back and finger press the shoulder seams open.

Free Girls Jacket Pattern and Tutorial


4.  Align the center fold of the sleeve with the shoulder seam.  Pin to fit the sleeve cap into the armscye with right sides together.  Stitch the sleeve to the armhole.

Free Girls Jacket Pattern and Tutorial

5.  Repeat with the other sleeve.

Free Girls Jacket Pattern and Tutorial

6.  Fold bodice front to meet bodice back, right sides together and matching raw edges of the sleeve.  Match and pin underarm seams.  Stitch from underarm down to hemline.  Stitch from underarm seam to sleeve hem.  Repeat Steps 1-6 to form the lining in the same manner as the main jacket.

Free Girls Jacket Pattern and Tutorial

7.  Place collar pieces right sides together and stitch around outer edges (you can serge if you wish).  Turn right side out and work the seam with your fingers to fill out collar and form a smooth shape.  Topstitch around the seam edge to help it lie flat and maintain shape if you wish.

Free Girls Jacket Pattern and Tutorial

8.  Turn the main jacket right side out.  Pin the collar to the jacket neckline, matching raw edges.  Baste in place using a 1/4″ seam.

Free Girls Jacket Pattern and Tutorial

The above picture shows how the underside of the neckline will look when the collar has been basted in place.  If needed, clip into the curves around the collar.

Free Girls Jacket Pattern and Tutorial

9.  On the wearer’s left hand side, on the front of the jacket, attach a 3-4″ loop of elastic cord by stitching repeated zigzag stitches over the ends of the cord just under the collar seam and 1/4″ in from raw edge.

Free Girls Jacket Pattern and Tutorial

10.  With the main jacket right side out and the lining turned wrong side out, slip the lining over the top of the main jacket.  Stitch around the neckline and down both sides of the front bodice to join the jacket to the lining.

Free Girls Jacket Pattern and Tutorial

11.  Lay the jacket out flat and match the side seams of the main and lining.  Stitch along the hemline, about 3/4″ from the edge, leaving a 4-5″ opening for turning.  Trim corners as needed and turn the jacket right side out through the opening.  Topstitch along the entire hemline, closing the opening in the process.  You can also topstitch down each side of the front – I like how the topstitching provides a little crispness to the seams on this type of fabric (particularly since you can’t iron it!)

Free Girls Jacket Pattern and Tutorial

12.  Tuck the lining of the sleeve into the main sleeve.  Fold under the hems of both the sleeve and the sleeve lining, so they are turned in toward one another.

Free Girls Jacket Pattern and Tutorial

13.  Pin the main sleeve and the lining sleeve together at the hems.  Stitch together with a 3/8″ seam, making sure to catch both the lining and the main sleeve hems in the line of stitching.

FREE Pattern for Minky Swing Jacket

14.  Attach button(s) to the jacket by sewing one directly across from the elastic loop.  I sewed these larger buttons right on top of the collar.  The second button (on the same side as the loop) is decorative only and is completely optional.

Minky Swing Jacket Free Sewing Pattern

Your Minky Swing Jacket is complete!  Good job!!  You can read more about how the Minky Swing Jacket came to be here.



I’m also sharing some hand sewing basics over at I Heart Naptime today.


  1. Amy says

    So Excited!!! The jacket is precious. GREAT JOB!!! I have a 3 and 4 year old. I purchased a huge lot of milky fabric on a daily sale at 75% off. I had not figured out what to do with it. Perfect Timing. Thanks so much. Amy

  2. Natalia says

    Thank you so much for this wonderful pattern! I’m from Canada and it makes sense if we’re going to have a warm jacket that it would close up at the front so I think I will make the front pieces a bit wider so they overlap, and use a couple more buttons and loops. Also I plan to use thrift store coat that already has a lining. Love the simplicity of sewing the two as one. :)

    One question, is there a chance of a 1 inch square or maybe could you give me the exact measurement of one of the pieces so that I can print one page and check if it’s printing accurately? I’m sorry if I missed the square but I don’t see it.

    Thank you again. Love it.

    • Natalia says

      Okay, I’ve been reading it more closely and realize that the lining and outside are not sewn as one–I was confused by the underside of the outside looking like the lining. Tricky when you’re using the same fabric for both. For a while I was confused about what is done with the collar seam but after figuring out the first thing, that made more sense too. It looks like in step 10, the collar is just lying flat underneath the lining, is that correct? Oh, and I still have the same question about the printing that I had in the first comment.

      Thank you again! :)

      • girlinspired says

        Hi Natalia, Thanks so much for your kind words! The nice thing about using this furry minky for the lining and the outer is that the jacket sews up really quickly because you don’t have to tediously iron and make sure all the lining falls to the inside of the seam and all that jazz. At least, that’s why I like it! :) I’ve added a 1 inch square to the first page of the pattern, which you can now access through the link within the post. Thanks for the suggestion! Happy sewing!

        • says

          You are amazing! Thank you so much for adding the square so quickly! I purchased an e-pattern without one and wrote them two days ago for help and haven’t even heard anything yet–and you didn’t even have a purchase for motivation! I’ve subscribed to your blog and look forward to reading regularly.

          Thank you again. :)

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