American Girl Horse Stable Knockoff (Tutorial)

My girls Looooove their dolls and their Christmas lists this last year reflected that affection.  We have a combination of American Girl and Our Generation (Target) brand dolls and accessories.  Olivia and Grace, in particular, circled the entire American Girl catalog, with heavy pen marks around all the big ticket items: doll beds, doll cars, furniture, horse stable.  Olivia wanted the horse stable most of all and I wanted to give it to her, but not for the big brand price tag.  We decided to build one (and then we built another for Grace for her birthday.)  Big Hit!  I mean, BIG!
These horse stables feature a one-horse stall, a thin plywood base, wood slat siding, and swinging doors.  My favorite feature?  The chalkboard-front stall doors where the girls can doodle horse graffiti (my turn first, though!)  
 If you have a little doll and horse lover, you can build one of these stables, too!  You will need the supplies pictured below, as well as a miter saw, wood glue, and screwdriver.  
 I think you can figure out how to put the stall together and you can certainly change up the design/size/materials to suit your preference.  Our assembly approach was as follows:  Attach base siding to corner posts, all four corners should meet at mitered points.  Then, add two extra posts, midway between the corners on the long sides. 
We added an extra base piece on the inside of the front base piece for reinforcement and aesthetics.  Next, attach the top siding slats – we didn’t miter these corners, they square up to one another in the back and set flush with the front – no siding slats in the front; the doors will go there.  
Then the middle siding slats.  Cut a piece of thin plywood to size and glue it with wood glue to the base of the stable.  Finally, attach the hinges and doors and paint the front with chalkboard paint.  We used small clamps to hold the pieces in place while screwing them together.  Good luck!!  
So, can you think of a little cowgirl that would love one of theses?


  1. Sweetbug Studio says

    Very cute! Our girls received AG for two years straight on birthday and Christmas. One daughter received an AG bed but my husband made the bed for our youngest. I made the bedding to coordinate with her room and it was a hit. I even made a canopy for the tall poster bed. Now, at ages 10 and 13, we are looking to really organize and store away for someday–they both think they want to keep them for their children. You did a great job!

  2. Lanie says

    I circled this in the catalog too, for me. I bought some American doll stuff for Madison and decided I’m obsessed with this stuff. Makes me so happy I had a girl. Now they send me catalogs and this was by far my favorite item. The snowbird chalet was pretty cute too. :)

    Great job guys! I can’t wait to see it in feb, along with other changes you’ve made. Chicken coop??

  3. JoJoand Eloise says

    Oh this is beyond, AMAZING!!! My girls would LOVE LOVE LOVE this. They have all the classic American girls and Penny (horse). You did a Fabulous job, Stef.

  4. JLL24 says

    I want one! I had Jane West and her horse Flame. Loved them, still love horses. But I would have been in 7th Heaven if I had a stable for Flame like this. I guess I will make it now, better late than never, right?

  5. Bratling says

    yours are most likely sturdier than the name brand ones. I have a Molly bed leftover from my childhood, and they’re barely stapled together. Not well-built at all!

  6. Mary J says

    My daughter would love this!!! She got the horse from Target for christmas. A stable is much “needed”. I would love more details. What sizes are each of the pieces?

  7. Justine of SewCountryChick says

    This is so cute Stef, not to mention hip with the chalkboard painted doors! Lily has a huge collection of old Breyer horses and would love this. You are so handy!

  8. Rachel O. says

    Are you kidding me?! This is the best thing I’ve ever seen. I mean, seriously – I needed someone to make me one of these when I was younger. I was IN LOVE with my toy horses. I would have died over something like this. So perfect.

  9. says

    Hey there! For those who were wondering about measurements, the finished stable measures approximately 21.5″l x 10″w x 12.75″h to the outer edges. Remember that you’ll have to cut your pieces so that mitered corners meet correctly. But, these measurements should give you a good starting point – I created these measurements based on my girls’ horses, which are the Target brand. Hope that helps!!

    • Nana says

      It’s march and I just found this today! Am so excited to make it myself for my granddaughter…..will probably be assisted by her brother, age 6, who is a whiz at lego building…..and whom I think is ready for wood craft too” Thank you soooo much.

  10. Erika says

    I’ve been googling this topic for more than a year and just found this. I don’t know why google universe so slow to deliver this to me. It’s like you’re in my head. I love this and the do-ability factor. You’re take on Our Generation’s horse stable packaging turned terrific horse stable is great and inspirational. Finally, I have your stable as a blueprint and starting point to do my own. Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing.

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