Make-A-Doll Pattern and Instructions

I am excited to finally share the pattern pieces and instructions for the doll making activity that we did at Olivia’s 7th birthday party!  This activity is perfect for a small group of children (we had 7 total, 3 of which were mine).  Constructing the dolls is a pretty simple process.
Prepare Head:
Cut fabric corresponding to pattern pieces for head, hair, and pigtails.
Sew hair (bangs) onto head (face piece) along bang line; baste around edge, too, if you wish.
With face right side up, place pigtails on each side approximately 1/2″ up from neck edge.  Or place a cluster of yarn if you prefer.  Align the edges so that the pigtails lie in toward the center of the face.  Baste in place.
Lay head (felt hair) on right side of head (face piece).  Stitch together leaving neck open.  Be sure your hair/pigtails remain in the center of the head.  Turn right side out.
Prepare Body:
Cut fabric corresponding to pattern pieces for arms and body.
Sew two arm pieces together leaving the straight edge (where they connect to the body) open.  Turn and stuff with fiberfill.  (A chopstick works great as a stuffing tool!) Repeat for other arm.
Lay one body piece right side up and place stuffed arms on each side, aligning raw edges and setting the arms toward the center.
Lay other body piece right side down on top of arms and body.  Stitch down each side, leaving neck and bottom open.
Serge or zigzag stitch around bottom of body.  Sew ric rac around the bottom hem; be sure your stitch line is above the serger stitches.  Turn ric rac under along seam line all the way around.  (You will topstitch when you finish the doll.)  For further instructions on this hemming method, go here.
Prepare Legs:
Cut fabric corresponding to pattern pieces for legs.
Sew two leg pieces together leaving the straight edge (where they connect to the body) open.  Turn and stuff with fiberfill.  (A chopstick works great as a stuffing tool!) Repeat for other leg.
For the Party:
I prepared the heads, bodies, and legs for all of the dolls and set them in piles for the party.  Just before dinner, I had each girl pick out a head, body, and set of legs for their doll.  I had a few extra on hand and anticipated a little arguing, but it went remarkably well – no “I want what she has” at all!  After the girls chose their parts, I sent them to the dinner table and while they ate, I took the dolls and sewed all of the heads to the bodies (turn body inside out, place head inside, align side seams and neck edges and stitch around the neck).  When the girls finished dinner, they came over to the table and stuffed their dolls.  Some girls stuffed A LOT!!  They absolutely LOVES this.  Then, I helped each girl draw their doll’s face.  The fabric markers are really tricky and bleed easily.  I pre-marked the faces with a colored pencil and did the cheeks in advance.  Then, depending on the girl’s age, I helped them quickly draw lines for the eyes and mouth.  I sort of felt like making the face on your doll is an important component, but I also knew there was a high likelihood that the markers would bleed and the girls would be disappointed (and I sure didn’t want to resew dolls); I think the way we did it was a nice compromise.  If you’re going to allow your party people to draw their own faces, I’d highly recommend you provide fabric for practicing.  Then the girls had all kinds of fun cutting pieces of ribbon and twine to wrap around their doll’s hair, non-existent waistline, and legs.  When they were satisfied, they delivered their doll and leg set to me in the sewing room.  I tucked the legs into the body, readjusted some stuffing if needed (I tried not to adjust them too much), and stitched along the hemline to close the doll up.  Done!
You can find the fabrics I used for these dolls by clicking on the link below and searching for “Michael Miller It’s a Girl Thing”:

You should be able to click on the images below to access the patterns pieces.  Print to size as is and have fun!!



  1. gracias por los moldes de esta hermosa muñeca


    The dolls are darling! This is the perfect activity for little girls. :)

    I appreciate the time you took to give us this pattern and tutorial.

  3. Hmm… Me thinks I have the crafty project for next time Bit is here during the weekend.

  4. ooo yay! these are so cute, thank you for the pattern!! I want to make one for baby girl.

  5. Jessica at Me Sew Crazy says:

    Stef – this is AMAZING!!! I am absolutely in love with this, it may be a MUST-DO for my little one’s Christmas list. I love love love it!

  6. Shannon Phillips says:

    Funny! I have been looking for a pattern just like this! So hard to find a doll pattern that is not creepy looking. Thank you! I can’t wait to make one!

  7. Jennifer: Two Bees and a Belle says:

    These are just precious! Thanks so much for the great instructions… I want to come to come to one of your fun parties :) – a little girl’s dream!

  8. Jennifer: Two Bees and a Belle says:

    These are just precious! Thanks so much for the great instructions… I want to come to come to one of your fun parties :) – a little girl’s dream!

  9. Jennifer: Two Bees and a Belle says:

    These are just precious! Thanks so much for the great instructions… I want to come to come to one of your fun parties :) – a little girl’s dream!

  10. aw cute, thanks stef!

  11. Anonymous says:

    Thank you! I have been looking for a pattern to make my niece a doll for Christmas. This is perfect! Kathy (O:

  12. All sorts of in love with this idea! I just happen to have a little one’s birthday coming up and this would be perfect!

    I shared on our pinterest and newsletter :)


  13. I was so hoping you would post the tutorial for this! thanks so much. adorable idea and always look forward to reading your wonderful blog. thank you!!

  14. Amy (naptimecrafters) says:

    Adorable!! Definitely making one for my girl for Christmas if I can find the time :)

  15. Alida Makes says:

    This is every little girl’s dream party! Did you hand sew or machine sew these? I just showed Charlotte this and she said “this is what I want at my next birthday party!”

  16. Ohmigosh! This is so amazing, Stef! I can’t wait to make one for Abby!

  17. TheSewingLoft says:

    Wonderful idea for a party!

  18. A cute option for younger children might be to prepare different felt/fabric eyes, noses, and mouths/lips to create different facial expressions and personalities. The kids could glue the feature onto targeted areas. Just a twist in this WONDERFUL idea you’ve developed!

  19. andriani retno says:

    wow thank you for the pattern
    i wanna make one for myself :))

    thank youuuuu :)

  20. This is such a great idea!!

  21. these are so cute. I want to make one of these for my god-daughter being born in just a couple weeks, but I am going insane on how to do the face. Do you have a template for how you did the face of this doll? Thanks!

  22. Haley Estes says:

    I absolutely loved this idea! I have already made one for my little girl that I will be featuring on my blog next week!
    I also featured your tutorial on my blog today! feel free to go check it out! Thanks for the tutorial and for the great inspiration!


  23. Pilipita says:

    Muy linda muñeca, gracias por compartirla

  24. Natalie says:

    Just adorable, I can see my daughter and I having fun making one of these in the school holidays, thank you :)

  25. solange de fatima rodrigues cruz says:

    olá, adorei seu blog, como faço para me adicionar a ele.. aguardo
    Suas coisas são lindas!

    Solange Rodrigues

  26. What a fun party! Thank you for the adorable doll pattern.

  27. Hi. I just found your website and really like it! Thanks for the free doll pattern. I will be stopping by often. Have a great day.

  28. hi,i want patterns,plz guide me

    • girlinspired says:

      Hi! If you click on the pictures above that show the pattern sketches, you can download the image and print it! Hope that helps!

  29. This is too, too cute!!! Love it! Since I’m having a grandson, I guess I’ll have to make one for myself! Thanks a bunch!

    • girlinspired says:

      Yes! You should make one for yourself, Joy. I have one of them still perched in my sewing room – they’re so fun.

  30. I love these little dolls. I made one for each of my daughters last year, and tonight I’m making another 4 … this time for a friend who is a missionary in Malawi and has asked for some handmade dolls for her to use with the local kids there. I think the kids there will love them! I know my 2 year old does … she sleeps with “dolly” every night!


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