Forest Wonderland Baby Shower

I have this incredible cousin.  Her name is Melanie and we’ve been the best of friends since we were born (just two months apart).  We know each other inside and out and grew up dreaming aloud of the day we would get married and have families.  Big dreams we had of living all together in a two-story, pink house with our own little kiddies running around, the best of friends just like us.  Over the past couple years, Mel and her husband, Mark, have prepared and planned for their first baby.  The road has been rough and finally, they are just weeks away from meeting their long-wished-for little girl.  It was such an honor to organize a baby shower to welcome my soon-to-be niece.  I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I enjoyed creating the backdrop for such a special celebration.  You can read more about Melanie’s journey through infertility and pregnancy on her blog, Unruffled Lanie.
The shower was held in Mel’s beautiful backyard.  The decor was meant to be a reflection of the baby’s nursery decor, a forest wonderland of sorts with birds and owls and moss and toadstools, in pinks and greys, and whites.
 Remember the vintage typewriter that I painted pink?  Well, the whole rationale for bringing that beauty home was to set it on a secretary desk (which I also snatched from my antique guy and gave it the paint/distress treatment) to stage a “Wishes for the Baby” area for this shower.  Guests were able to write wishes on little tags and then I bound all of them together on a jump ring for a cute, little keepsake!
Melanie’s best friends, Keri and Erin, prepared a complete Vegetarian brunch for the shower – everything looked outrageously beautiful all set out and it tasted wonderful.  My sole contribution to the food table was a spread of lemon creme crepes, which my sweet mom made for me, so that I just had to fill them the morning of the shower.  I had a little fun with the dessert table, making a swirled flower cake to accompany the most delicious chocolate, peanut butter cake made by Melanie’s friend, Kerry.  For a little flare, I molded some cute owl pops and placed them in moss containers.  And I did up just a few cupcakes, with toasted coconut nests and cute, royal icing baby birds (thank you for the idea, Martha).  Oh, and some itty bitty eclairs, of course!  To round out the custardy, chocolatey goodness on the table.
 The most exciting part of planning this shower was creating the baby layette embellishment station.  I sewed my little heart out making tiny dresses and pants, skirts and bibs, burp cloths and blankets, all in coordinating fabrics.  I added a few store bought items, such as onesies and shoes to round out the collection (and because there were 35 people expected at the shower!!!)  I provided all kinds of embellishments that coordinated with the layette items for the guests to decorate and personalize an outfit for the new baby.  Buttons, appliques, ribbons, embroidery floss, everything that I could think of to make a fun activity that would leave the baby with a handmade piece from everyone.  I hung a blank tag on each item so that the person embellishing it could leave a note for Mel and the baby.
 Here’s a picture of my gorgeous cousin!  Isn’t she radiant with her baby bump?
And the two of us – thanks for letting me play baby shower, Mel!  I love you and can’t wait to meet that little princess!


  1. Personalized Sketches and Sentiments says

    AW! You two are beautiful! And what an absolutely amazing shower! I love all the details and love put into this!

    Blessings & Aloha!

  2. kristin says

    Oh, you’re such a good cousin, Stef! This shower looks beautiful and meaningful and WOAH that’s a lot of layette sewing to boot!

  3. Charity says

    Oh, how cute! I absolutely love the layette embellishment idea… but oh, wow, it must have been a lot of work.

  4. Barb- NICUGypsy says

    I’ll bet that was the best shower ever! Would you please share where you got the nests and birds on the centerpiece. i am decorating a vintage camper and am using the same colors and theme. Thanks so much! More pix of the quilt too please?

  5. Lanie says

    The photos turned out gorgeous Stef. Your talents have no bounds! It was such a special shower. Loved this nostalgic post of yours. Love you!

  6. Caila says

    Girl, you are amazing! You sewed all that? AND made that rose cake? Plus all the other stuff… I am dying over here. SO CUTE!

  7. Jessica Powers says

    Beautiful quilt! What a wonderful thing to have a cousin like you and a party like that to remember not just in photos, but with the tags and the handmade pretties from everyone.


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