No-Sew Blankets

Today, Olivia and I are going to share a quick no-sew project with you.  These no-sew fleece blankets have been around for quite a while, but I had forgotten about them until I took Olivia into the fabric store with me and she spent our entire visit with her body plastered up against the fleece aisle.  There wasn’t a chance in the world that we were leaving without some in our shopping bag.  This is a great project for non-sewers or for children.  Olivia did the blanket over the Thanksgiving break and it was the perfect activity for a lazy morning.  
How To:
 Purchase two pieces of fleece.  Since the fabric was 56″ wide, I had the store cut both pieces to 56″ long, giving me two perfect squares.  
Clear a large work area and lay out your two pieces of fleece stacked on top of one another.  Trim the selvage edges and any overhang so that both pieces are exactly the same size.  I then folded my stacked square in half so that I could cut through four pieces at once and decrease the work. 
 Cut a square out of each corner.  I measured 3″ by 3″.  Then, make evenly spaced cuts all the way around your stacked square (if you folded your square in half, you’ll be cutting through four sheets of fleece at once; do not cut along the folded side).  I made my slits 3 inches deep and 1 inch apart.
 Once your slits are cut all the way around (unfold if folded in half), begin tying knots to join the top strip to the bottom strip.  That is IT!  
Tie all the way around and the blanket is done.  
Have fun! 
Also, I added a button to the quiet book sew along announcement for purchasing the “paper dolls” and clothes to go in the book.  I’ll be back soon with a couple pictures of the finished quiet book and a list of supplies so you can start preparing! 


  1. Anonymous says

    What a fun craft for the kids to do..and you used BLUE….wow!!! Did you even know they make blue fabrics 😉


  2. Maddie Kertay- The Domestic Anarchist says

    Ok.. you changed my mind. Or maybe it was the nice dots with the other nice dots because I usually HATE ( not even really a strong enough word) fleece blankets.. even worse, tied version..but this one makes me happy!

  3. Holly Lefevre says

    I love these blankets…such a great project. My son made one for my daughter with grandma and my daughter loves it the mostest!

  4. Lanie says

    What a beauty Olivia is. Makes me so happy to see your face in her, and also see what a strong individual she is. That blanket reminds me of projects we might have done at granny’s house together over the holidays.

    I spy an AMAZING new piece of furniture!

    I gave you a blogger award on my blog.

    Love you.

  5. Christa says

    Oh I forgot all about these (even though my youngest sleeps with one on her bed). I need to pick up some fleece and have it ready for a snow day project for my girls

  6. Anneliese says

    I just made my first of these blankets a couple weeks ago, and with the same pink polka dot fleece! It would be a fun project for my girls to do–I was on a deadline so I cranked it out myself late at night.


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