How to make Clay Jewelry - easy enough for kids!

Crafting with Kids: Clay Jewelry

If you’re looking for a great indoor activity to do with your kids, making clay jewelry is the perfect thing to beat the heat!  My girls made a huge collection of jewelry with me and it was so simple that even my four-year-old was able to participate.  An adult does need to help with the… 

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Chocolate Kahlua Cake - the easiest, richest, moistest chocolate cake you'll ever have!

Chocolate Kahlua Cake Recipe

I met my husband in college; neither of us had a car or a dollar to our name.  We ate spaghetti noodles for dinner and rode our bikes between campus, the beach, and the grocery store.  Oh, the memories of riding our bikes to the grocery store, trying to ride back to his apartment while… 

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Keeping it All Together

I’ve rewritten this post too many times to count.   It’s a tricky topic - and a subject that I think so many of us struggle with on a daily basis.  There’s this idea in our society that if we, as parents, just try hard enough, or read enough articles, or poll all the moms we know,… 

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Fourth of July Inspiration - fun cake and table display

Fourth of July Inspiration

I am thrilled to share some fun news today!  A few months back, I worked with Jo-Ann Fabric & Craft Stores on a project and it is finally time to share it.  The Jo-Ann Summer 2014 Trends and Ideas booklet is live and I had the privilege of contributing four projects to the book.  I am really… 

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Table Display for Frozen Birthday Party

22 Spectacular FROZEN Birthday Party Ideas

It’s time to wrap up the Frozen Birthday Party with a few of the extra components that made this party come together.  It was another really fun party, both to throw and to attend.  In the links below, you’ll find additional resources for party invitations, printables, activities, favors, and food ideas!  Many of these pictures… 

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Elsa Dress Sewing Tutorial - this is a quick and easy sew!

Elsa Dress Tutorial

I am really excited to share this sewing tutorial with you.  If there is one thing that Addie requested for her Frozen in Summer birthday party, it was for sure an Elsa Dress.  (of course!)  I struggled with how to make a dress in true Elsa spirit, but that would also be appropriate for a… 

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Frozen Birthday Cake - Ice Castle

Frozen Birthday Cake – the Ice Castle

The Frozen birthday cake for our “Frozen in Summer” party became quite the impressive work of art.  As with many of my party ideas, I didn’t really know what I was going to make and it developed little by little.  I wanted to create an “ice castle” and used the Wilton castle cake kit, a styrofoam… 

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