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My husband and I recently celebrated our wedding anniversary.  He handed me the sweetest card while we were snuggling up in the restaurant booth for dinner.  He wrote all kinds of sweet things, but there was one particular sentence that begged for discussion…. “I love all your quirks.”  My what?  Quirks?  Like what?  Give me one example!
  • I don’t care for ribbons in my ice cream.
  • The counter must be cleared completely, with all items put away in their designated places, before any cleaning can be done.  Housecleaning should be done in a sequential order, without deviation.
  • I can’t call to make a hair appointment…social anxiety or something.
  • I rub my feet together while watching TV or trying to fall asleep (my kids do, too!)
  • I don’t keep a calendar because I can’t handle when plans change and I have to cross something out.  And don’t get me started on mismatched pen.
  • I dislike the confinement of sleeping bags.  Also, I sleep with my feet sticking out the side of the bed.
So, I’m quirky.  Who isn’t?  But, sometimes my quirks can be a real hangup, like when they interfere with keeping organized and staying on top of appointments and housework.  I’ve been making some changes around here to try to get more organized, and to set aside my quirks in the name of peace and sanity in this household.  And simple, stylish solutions are my best friend!  You can see why I was super excited to try out some of the products from Clean Mama Printables.  She has a printable kit for everything you can imagine.  Household organization? Check.  Cleaning schedules? Check.  Budgeting? Check.  Chore charts and school schedules?  Check.  I’m on it!  Besides the comprehensive checklists (you know I love checklists!!) and fresh, pretty designs, I LOVE that I can just print out what I need at any given time.  And if I screw up a list or calendar page, and it bugs me too much, I CAN PRINT OUT A NEW ONE!!!!  Love it!
 I am super excited to welcome Clean Mama Printables as a sponsor of the Girl. Inspired. blog.  
Here’s a little more about Clean Mama Printables from the owner, Becky:
 Who says homekeeping and organizing can’t be adorable, fun AND easily implemented into your life?
***Home of the ORIGINAL printable homekeeping kit concept, including The Cleaning Kit, The Budget + Bill Pay Kit, The Resolution Kit, The Starter Kit and more!***
WHY choose Clean Mama Printables? All printables are designed by an artist/graphic designer – that’s me! Clean Mama Printables is THE BEST place to get homekeeping printables that REALLY work for you AND make your life easier! Clean Mama Printables specializes in original organizational documents designed to take the *WORK* out of organizing your life.
Becky also has a Super, Awesome blog chock full of free printables and all kinds of great cleaning and organizational tips.  Seriously, go check it out!  The Clean Mama Blog
Also, find her on Pinterest and Facebook!
A warm welcome to Clean Mama Printables!!
Do you have a particular area of your life where you struggle to get organized?  Why not try out one of Clean Mama’s kits?  
USE THE CODE 20TGI for 20% OFF YOUR ENTIRE PURCHASE!!  GO NOW!  I’m more organized already and it feels SO great!!


  1. kristin says

    Haha I have a lot of the same quirks (especially the sleeping bag/covers one). Also my husband will sometimes do “deep cleaning” of the bathrooms or floors but there’s still clutter all over the counters/table. Drives me bonkers! Us sewing bloggers…I think we all just a little bit of OCD. 😉

  2. Alida L. says

    Yay! I’m going to go check out The Clean Mama Blog, I can definitely use all the help I can get in this area 😉

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