kcwc fall 2012: Pirate Costume

  Right now, Addison is madly in love with Jake and the Neverland Pirates; I’m talking mad love!!!  A million times a day, she begs to watch “Jakie pretty please with a cherry on top” while batting her eyelashes and then she marches around the house singing the theme song.  It is adorable!  So she’s going to be Izzy from Jake and the Neverland Pirates for Halloween – I ordered the costume online.  HOWEVER, in a twist of irony, her little buddy Easton is going to be a pirate for Halloween, too, and his mom nails me down in November of every year to commit to making the next year’s costume.  I kind of like being needed like that, especially from one of my long-time besties.  Addie got a real kick out of trying on this costume for me to test its pirate readiness.  I made a little pirate beanie for Easton’s newborn baby brother (see it on the skull back there?), and we liked that so much, I whipped up Addie her own.  She would also like a pirate costume the same as Easton’s, but PINK.  She’s especially talented at growling “Arghhh” and swinging her crooked elbow.  I die. 
the patterns: same pants pattern as yesterday’s pj pants, shredding the legs made quick work of the hems.  I used a vintage vest and sort of traced, redrew a new pattern. 
the fabric: Thrifted striped knit for the pants and cap.  For the vest, I used a faux hammered leather I picked up at Joann’s.

the sewing: I sewed the pants with the serger and finished the elastic waist off on the sewing machine – 10 minute job.  The shirt required only scissors and pinking shears as I simply chopped up a never used turtleneck onesie.  I stitched the vest and lining right sides together and then turned right side out, topstitching with gold thread to close the opening and add a little detail.  Finished the armholes with black bias tape.  This took a bit longer, but I’m itching to make a few more vests for the girls for everyday wear and I’m glad to have a working pattern now.
What kids clothes are you working on??  Feel free to link in the comments!


  1. Elle The Heiress says

    What a great costume! My 4 year old son loves Jake, too. We don’t have cable so he only gets to watch it when visiting his grandparents’ house. I bought the soundtrack for him, though, and we enjoy listening to it in the car. He won’t let me sing, though.

  2. Eleanor says

    My grandkids are going to Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf. My daughter wants to try her hand at making the kids’ costumes herself this year, but I got to contribute the hooded cape. I don’t knit very fast so I started a while back. Just finished it up this weekend. It’s a fun knit. The pattern calls for you to knit double strands, but I just chose a heavier weight yarn and knit it single. I hate how the yarn gets twisted when I try to knit with double strands. Here’s a link to the pattern: http://petitepurls.com/Fall11/fall2011_p_littlered.html I’ve been sewing for 50 years, but knitting is a fairly new skill, and I was able to knit this with no problem.

    • says

      I wish I knew how to knit!!! I need someone to come sit down with me and teach me everything – it seems so daunting! I bet your grandaughter’s hooded cape is so cute knitted!

  3. Crystal from Fussy Monkey Business says

    How sweet! I just finished a Pocahontas costume for my 4 yr. old. Even though it turned out cute, she was more impressed with the necklace than the dress:o) I have been sewing up a storm here lately, but can’t seem to find the time to blog about it:o) Thanks for sharing!!!

    • says

      That seems to be a constant struggle for me – I have a few hours after the kids go to bed where my brain semi-functions – do I edit pictures and blog or do I make progress on projects?? Would love to see the Pocahontas costume!

  4. Kar @allmylove.mommy says

    Awesome!! She is an adorable little girl & pirate! I’m planning on sewing a little red riding hood cape for my daughter’s costume… This weekend I hope :)

  5. kristin says

    hehe that is so cute she’s super into pirates! your girls seem like total girly girls so it’s a pretty funny switcheroo! love the costume. :)

  6. Shanna C. says

    So cute! My daughter is crazy about Jake and The Never Land Pirates too. She’s been wanting to be a pirate…but now a witch. I’m trying to get her to want to be the pirate princess…I’ve got the rainbow wand already and a super girly pirate hat!

    Love this costume! And her “Arggh” face!


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