Flower Burst Mini Cakes

Flower Burst Mini Cakes - tiny flowers made from cardstock bring your party table to life! *This post contains affiliate links*

It’s time for another Cricut Design Space™ Star Challenge.  This month, the general theme was Weddings and Celebrations and you know how much I love crafting for parties!  With a team theme of “On the Tabletop,” I put together an autumn table that is both seasonal and festive.  You could use these ideas for a dinner party, a bridal or baby shower, even a wedding.  Today, I’m going to share these gorgeous little flower burst mini cakes, but check back in throughout the week because I have several more Cricut projects to share!

Flower Burst Mini Cakes - tiny flowers made from cardstock bring your party table to life!

Flower Burst Mini Cakes - tiny flowers made from cardstock bring your party table to life!

Flower Burst Mini Cakes - tiny flowers made from cardstock bring your party table to life!

To make the flower burst mini cakes, I started by making the cakes using my favorite Glazed Pecan Rum Cake recipe, baked in mini bundt pans.  These little cakes are pretty by themselves, but I wanted each cake to really stand out and become part of the table decor.

Flower Burst Mini Cakes - tiny flowers made from cardstock bring your party table to life!  I used my Cricut Explore and a few of the spiral flower templates from the Entitled cartridge.  I love these spiral flowers because they are SO easy to assemble and they cut really easily from cardstock!  Begin by cutting out the spiral flowers on your machine.  (Another thing to love about Cricut Design Space™ – you don’t need the whole cartridge for your designs; you can simply purchase the individual designs you want for usually $.99 each within the design program.)  Pinch the outside bottom end of the spiral with your tweezers and roll in toward you until the whole spiral is rolled up into a cone.  Fold the circle tab at the end under the base of the roll.  Allow the roll to loosen a bit until the base of the flower is the same size as the circle tab.  Hot glue in place.  Gently fold out the petals to shape the flower as desired!  I made a variety of tiny and medium sized flowers and then grouped together the smaller ones for a cluster or placed just one medium-size flower in the center of each mini cake.

Flower Burst Mini Cakes - tiny flowers made from cardstock bring your party table to life!

Flower Burst Mini Cakes - tiny flowers made from cardstock bring your party table to life!

I was concerned that the grease from the cake might seep into the cardstock and ruin the flowers after setting for some time (this actually didn’t seem to happen), so I cut small rounds of parchment paper to place under each flower cluster.  I hot glued the flower clusters to the parchment paper, but they will easily pull off so be really careful.

Flower Burst Mini Cakes - tiny flowers made from cardstock bring your party table to life!

Flower Burst Mini Cakes - tiny flowers made from cardstock bring your party table to life!

Flower Burst Mini Cakes - tiny flowers made from cardstock bring your party table to life!

I think these little cakes are just beautiful – too pretty to eat?  Only until you taste them!!

Alrighty, friends!  Be sure to check out some of the other “On the Tabletop” projects from my other team members!


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Fourth of July Inspiration

Party table display for Fourth of July

I am thrilled to share some fun news today!  A few months back, I worked with Jo-Ann Fabric & Craft Stores on a project and it is finally time to share it.  The Jo-Ann Summer 2014 Trends and Ideas booklet is live and I had the privilege of contributing four projects to the book.  I am really proud of these projects and will be sharing them each in more detail over the next couple weeks.  There are just a whole collection of really great ideas for crafting this summer and I hope you’ll go check out the book!  Click here for the lookbook.

Fourth of July Inspiration - fun cake and table display

With Independence Day nearly upon us, I thought today would be the perfect time to share some extra photos and details about one of my projects from the lookbook.  The trend, of course, is “Patriotic,” and I put together a most patriotic party table including color coordinated paper products, old soda bottles, easy-sew table linens (project instructions on joann.com, click here), and a totally awesome patriotic cake!

Fourth of July Inspiration - fun cake and table display

I set up this photo shoot in a brand new location – you’ll never guess where….my parents back yard.  They live about a mile up the road from me and I’m over there nearly every day of the week, but for some reason I never noticed what a perfect backdrop their old barn makes. It turned out so great!  Just goes to show you that you don’t always have to travel far to find the perfect backdrop for your photos; sometimes, it’s right in front of you!!  (I’ve since taken these photos in the same location.)

Cool cake for 4th of July!

The cake was a lot of fun to make.  I used the same decorating technique as I did for the Ocean Waves Ombre Cake, here, but used two different shades of rustic red for the bottom tier.  The top tier was just quickly frosted with blue and then I added white sugar pearls for the “stars” on the flag.  A quick white border around the top using Tip #1M and you’re done.  Fun and not too complicated!

22 Spectacular FROZEN Birthday Party Ideas

so many FROZEN Birthday Party ideas - you've got to see these!It’s time to wrap up the Frozen Birthday Party with a few of the extra components that made this party come together.  It was another really fun party, both to throw and to attend.  In the links below, you’ll find additional resources for party invitations, printables, activities, favors, and food ideas!  Many of these pictures and ideas are from our Frozen party and a number of them are from the amazing creative minds that have shared their ideas across the internet.  I’m still planning to do a few of the projects that I didn’t get to before the party – like the Olaf hooded towel and the adorable little Elsa and Anna peg people….please enjoy this roundup of Spectacular Frozen Birthday Party Ideas!

DIY Olaf Cupcake Toppers for Frozen Birthday Party

Find the full instructions for these DIY Olaf Cupcake Toppers!
Elsa Dress for Frozen Birthday PartyElsa “Summer Dress” Tutorial

Table Display for Frozen Birthday Party

I purchased this Olaf 8×10 printable from splendidINK on Etsy - quickest DIY decor ever!

Food Ideas for Frozen Birthday Party

This was our party food table – we kept it really easy with sandwiches, carrot sticks, dill dip (recipe here), Jello Ice (see recipe below), and Frozen Snack Mix (see recipe below).

Make Snow GAK for Frozen Birthday Party

My kids absolute favorite takeaway from the party were the jars of GAK – I labeled them SNOWK because I have no imagination and snow+gak=snowk.  I added peppermint extract, blue and clear glitter, and blue food coloring (in some).  Big hit, BIG!!  I never knew how easy GAK is to make – get the GAK recipe here.

Olaf Labels for Frozen Birthday Party

Other party favors included shimmery blue gumballs from Target and white Mentos = Snowdrops.  I made 2″ circle labels and printed them out onto Avery glossy white round labels – template 22807.   Here is a FREE downloadable Frozen Party Favor Jar Labels file to print your own labels.  They fit perfectly on top of the jar lids and pretty good on top of the little candy containers.  (Be sure to uncheck “Fit to Page” in the print dialog box.)

FREE printable labels for Frozen Birthay Party Favors
Queen Elsa Ice Castle Cake for Frozen Birthday Party

Queen Elsa’s Ice Castle Cake – get the how-to!

"Snowflake" Water Bombs for Frozen in Summer Birthday Party Ideas

These “Snowflake” water bombs made out of sponges were such a huge hit at the party!!  Adults and kids loved them.  I found the instructions and inspiration here.


And here are some more AMAZING ideas from across the internet:

Olaf floating in a bowl of Jello!


Frozen Snack Mix


Melted Olaf Yogurt Cups


“Frozen” Jello Ice Cubes

olaf fluff cupcake

Olaf Cupcakes


How cute are these moose cupcake toppers?

Frozen Birthday Party Ideas

Iced Snowflake Cookies

Frozen Birthday Party Ideas

Olaf Graham Cracker SnacksFrozen Birthday Party Ideas

Free Coloring and Party Activity Printables

Frozen in Summer Birthday Invitation

This is the invitation (sample pictured) that I purchased for our birthday party – from AMD Designs on Etsy.  Super quick turnaround from the Etsy shop owner and really vibrant colors – she has the same invite in a pink colorway and a variety of other Frozen invites/printables.  You just give her your details and she sends you the file the next day – print, cut, (pass out in a last minute scramble on the last day of school ;)  )Frozen Birthday Party Ideas

Anna Cloak Tutorials

frozen peg people

Painted Peg People – Anna and Elsa

Olaf hooded towel tutorial

Olaf Hooded Towel Tutorial

frozen free party invitation template olaf elsa anna sven #frozenmovie

Free Templates for Frozen Party Invitations

Elsa and Anna Bead Necklaces for Party Favors

Elsa and Anna Bead Necklaces for party activity or favors

so many FROZEN Birthday Party ideas - you've got to see these!

Pretty spectacular, eh?

Frozen Birthday Cake – the Ice Castle

Frozen Birthday Party Cake - Ice Castle

The Frozen birthday cake for our “Frozen in Summer” party became quite the impressive work of art.  As with many of my party ideas, I didn’t really know what I was going to make and it developed little by little.  I wanted to create an “ice castle” and used the Wilton castle cake kit, a styrofoam 10″ cake base and a two-layer, 7″ lemon cake to build the castle.

Frozen Birthday Party Cake - Ice Castle

For decorating, I made batch after batch of hard candy “jewels”.  They have a clear/yellow tint as I did not add any food coloring, and I think they look very much like ice.

Frozen Birthday Party Cake - Ice Castle

Frozen Birthday Party Cake - Ice Castle

The hard candy is so simple to make – you simply heat 1 cup granulated sugar, 1/4 cup water, and 2 Tbs. corn syrup over medium heat until the temperature reaches exactly 300 degrees.  At 300 degrees, turn off the heat; you can add food coloring and extract for flavor.  Pour the hot liquid into the jewel mold tray, let it cool, then dump it out.  Be sure the plastic mold tray is greased with Pam or the candies won’t pop out.  I “glued” together the castle pieces and the candies onto the bottom tier using royal icing.  The top tier, however, we actually wanted to eat so I frosted and adhered those jewels with Swiss meringue buttercream.  For the castle pillars, I used those from the cake castle kit.  I sprayed them with white metallic “color mist”, also made by Wilton.  Then, I used a gold luster dust and brushed it over the windows and the front of the castle tower for accent.  The castle pillars were topped with hard candy molded from some miniature jello molds that I found at the thrift store last year (I knew I would have a use for them at some point!)  The cake held up remarkably well after being driven across town and set out in the warm weather for two hours before serving.

Frozen Birthday Party Cake - Ice Castle

Frozen Birthday Party Cake - Ice Castle

The kids were entranced by Elsa’s ice castle cake!  And now I can check castle cake off my bucket list.

Hard Candy for Ice Castle Jewels
  • Pam/nonstick spray
  • 1 cup granulated sugar
  • ¼ cup water
  • 2 Tbs. corn syrup
  • candy thermometer
  • molding tray for jewels (or desired hard candy shape)
  1. Spray molding tray with Pam.
  2. Stir together sugar, water, and corn syrup in a small saucepan.
  3. Heat over medium until the temperature reaches exactly 300 degrees on a candy thermometer.
  4. Immediately remove from heat and stir in food coloring and/or ½ tsp. extract for flavor.
  5. Pour the hot liquid into the jewel mold tray, let it cool, then dump it out.

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so many FROZEN Birthday Party ideas - you've got to see these!

More Frozen Birthday Party Ideas

Elsa Dress Sewing Tutorial - this is a quick and easy sew!

Elsa Dress Tutorial

Olaf Cupcakes for Frozen birthday party

Olaf Cupcakes Tutorial

Olaf Cupcakes Tutorial

Olaf Cupcakes - make these adorable cupcake toppers - ANYONE can do it!

I had so much fun throwing a “Frozen in Summer” birthday party for my little one last week.  Addie may enjoy playing princess and love all things girly girl, but even she can’t resist the incredible like-ability of everyone’s favorite snowman, Olaf.  Wanting a “Frozen” birthday party at a public pool in the middle of summer could have been tricky to pull off if it wasn’t for the very catchy “In Summer” inspiration from the movie.  I’ll have more to share from the party over the next few days, but to start, I’ve got to ask if you want to build a snowman? ?  I promise that you can make these really fun Olaf cupcakes and impress all your guests.  They do take some time, but other than rolling little balls of edible dough, they really don’t require any special skills (sculpting skills, I have not, friends!).

Olaf Cupcakes - make these adorable cupcake toppers - ANYONE can do it!

Olaf Cupcakes for Frozen birthday party

To make these Olaf cupcake toppers, you will need:

  • Wilton Edible Decorating Dough in white (available at Jo-Ann) 1 package makes 5-6 snowmen
  • food coloring (black, brown, and orange for Olaf, desired colors for towels)
  • toothpicks
  • small paint brush

Olaf Cupcake Toppers

Begin by tearing off a portion of thedough and working it between your fingers to make it soft and pliable. Divide it into three small balls and add food coloring to each ball to create black, brown, and orange sections.

Olaf Cupcake Toppers

Roll the colored dough pieces into balls and then logs until they are the desired diameter for the various body parts: noses, arms, hair, buttons, eyebrows.

How to make Olaf Cupcake Toppers

Cut into individual sections and shape into the body parts.  For arms, use a knife to slit the end of the log piece into separating sections (e.g., fingers).  Group three small pieces for hair piece.  Roll short chunks into a cone and then mark with a knife to make the noses.  Make enough body parts for all of your Olaf toppers to save time later.  Cover parts with a cup or bowl placed upside down over them to help retain moisture (parts “glue” together more easily before they’ve dried).

How to make Olaf Cupcake Toppers

How to make Olaf Cupcake Toppers

Time to make the head.  Form a small ball of white dough into a smooth oval.  Gently pinch in the center of the oval and form a mouth top extending out in the center.  Make a small indentation in the bottom piece which will become the open mouth.

Olaf Cupcakes Tutorial

Use a small paintbrush dipped sparingly in water and “glue” on the black mouth.  Use a chopstick to make a small indentation for the nose and eyes immediately above the top of the mouth.  Glue on the carrot nose.  Roll two tiny white balls of dough for the eyeballs and glue them into place.  Attach the eyebrows (Olaf’s expression will change with various eyebrow placements – it’s fun to make them all unique).

Olaf Cupcakes Tutorial


Use a knife to make a tiny slit in the top of Olaf’s head, just above the eyebrows.  Brush with a dab of water and insert the hair piece.

How to make Olaf Cupcake Toppers

Dip a toothpick in black food coloring and draw the pupils of the eye.  You can also draw a little line over the pupils like an eyelid.

Olaf Cupcakes - make these adorable cupcake toppers - ANYONE can make these!

Now your head is done!

Olaf Cupcakes - make these adorable cupcake toppers - ANYONE can make these!

Roll out three more balls of white dough for Olaf’s body.  Two should be smaller and one should be larger.  Cut one of the smaller balls in half to form the two legs.  Use a little brush of water between each section and layer the legs, then larger ball for body, then smaller ball for chest, then head.  Connect with a toothpick.  Add buttons.

Olaf Cupcakes - make these adorable cupcake toppers - ANYONE can make these!

Use a toothpick to make a hole in each side of the chest and glue the little stick arms in.  And you’re done!! Stick them in a piece of styrofoam until ready to serve the cupcakes!

Olaf Cupcakes - make these adorable cupcake toppers - ANYONE can do it!

Olaf Cupcakes for Frozen birthday party!Olaf Cupcakes - make these adorable cupcake toppers - ANYONE can do it!

If you want summertime Olaf’s, you can plunk them on some blue icing with a “beach towel” and a little drink umbrella.  The kids were all over these.  To make the beach towels, just roll up four logs of decorating dough and place them side by side, alternating colors.  Press them together side by side and roll them flat with a rolling pin; then slice into “towels.”

Olaf Cupcakes - make these adorable cupcake toppers - ANYONE can do it!


Outdoor Movie Night and Giveaway!!

Outdoor Movie Night

With the warm weather and longer days, my family wants to be outside on our country property as much as possible.  Whether we are spending time as a family or entertaining friends, it’s important that we have great areas to be together.  Our property is large and not landscaped, for the most part, making outdoor entertaining a challenge.  We do have a large grassy area by our oak tree that we keep irrigated and mowed and we recently set out to make this space a living/entertaining destination.  With the help of TIKI® Brand, I think we defined and staged a space that will be perfect for hanging out and hosting friends throughout the summer.  I have been wanting to host an outdoor movie night for ages and I finally got the chance.  I hope that some of my “secret tips” I share today will help you achieve an inviting space for relaxing and entertaining in your yard!

Tiki Torches Outdoor Movie Night Outdoor Movie Night

My first consideration when planning a party is the mood and feelings I want the space to evoke.  In this case, it was important to keep the space easy-going and relaxed, consistent with the country feel of our property.  I gathered barrels, trunks, baskets, and buckets to hold food and drinks, blankets, and games.  The natural textures and rustic feel of the furnishings, coupled with some glassware and linens give the space a familiar comfort while still maintaining a clean, organized party. Outdoor Movie Night - get cozy!

Outdoor entertaining requires defined spaces so that guests know what you expect them to do at your party and they know where to find what they need.  We created three areas: a play area, a dining area, and a lounge/movie watching area. Games and Activities for Outdoor Movie Night Outdoor Movie Night Tiki Torches glow at Outdoor Movie Night

Our space was quite large, but we used two different types of torches to define the perimeter.  The TIKI® Brand Island King® Large Flame Torches were placed around the fire pit area, extending around the back of the movie area and over to the play area.  Spacing them about 6 feet apart, and placing the movie screen in the middle, gave us quite a bit of distance to form a perimeter. Define the perimeter of entertainment space. Games and Activities for Outdoor Movie Night

We used the TIKI® Brand Glowing Torches to mark off a dining area.  The glass dome is battery powered, giving a really cool blue (or color-changing) glow.  We also set up a play area with a volleyball net and trunk of activities.  Croquet equipment, bats and balls, badminton racquets, etc. are available for afternoon and early evening play.  The net and lack of torches helps to define the “play” space separate from the other areas.

Of course, food and drinks are essential for any party.  Plan food items that are easily transported to the outdoor space.  I think it’s easiest to serve food that can be prepared in advance or at the party.  We had hot dogs for roasting, chips, veggies and dip, and a simple pasta salad.  Be sure to keep food covered or in containers to deter bugs and dirt.  S'mores and Popcorn Station S'mores! Fire Pit and S'mores for Outdoor Movie Night

S’mores go hand in hand with an evening outdoors and this little snack station was simple to set up.  A few glass jars house the graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate, and a bucket holds stakes for roasting.  Everyone loves gathering around the fire pit!

Outdoor Movie Night Outdoor Movie Night

Plan for weather changes, even in the warmest summer months.  If you have guests during the afternoon and into the evening, be sure to have plenty of blankets for staying warm and getting comfortable.  The fire pit and torches also add some warmth and keep the party feeling cozy. Outdoor Movie Night   Tiki Torch glow at Outdoor Movie Night

Lighting is key for entertaining outdoors.  This entertainment space is not very close to our house and I really appreciated how easy it was to plunk the torches into the ground and light them for beautiful, ambient light without needing to run power cords down to the space.  The TIKI® Brand Glowing Torches looked especially cool as the night grew darker.  It’s also nice to have some small flashlights on hand for trips up to the house, but the torches and fire pit really lit up the whole space enough that we could navigate our way around without needing brighter lights. Outdoor Movie Night

Be sure to consider any special touches that would make your space more comfortable and festive for your guests.  Fabric banners are quick to make and can brighten a space instantaneously.  Flowers are easy and always classy.  Mosquito repellent would be a great thing to keep handy for evening entertaining as would consideration for windy weather. And on that note, the TIKI® Brand Glowing Torches and Table Torches really lived up to their claim to hold up in the wind–it was so windy we had to anchor the movie screen to the ground in all directions, but not one flame blew out the entire night!  I was impressed!

Outdoor Movie Night after dark

I am SO thrilled with our outdoor space.  We’ve already spent quite a bit of time out there and it’s set up in a way that we really can use it for daily fun as well as entertaining.  If you’re planning an escape to your yard this summer and would like to entertain guests, I hope that my seven secrets for summer entertaining will be useful:

  • Set the Mood
  • Define the Space
  • Provide Activities
  • Food and Drinks
  • Consider the Weather
  • Light the Way
  • Special Touches

Sometimes planning a party or planning a living space can be overwhelming, but I think the things we talked about today will help you stay on track to achieve a wonderful space that you can be proud of!

Outdoor Movie Night and seven secrets for summer entertaining

And one of you will have the opportunity to kick off your space with some TIKI® Brand products of your own!!  This sweepstakes prize will include: 2 TIKI® Brand Glowing Torches + 1 TIKI® Brand Glowing Table Torch + 1 64oz Bottle TIKI® Brand Torch Fuel + 1 Snap & Pour = Retail Value $102.95 (all of which you can purchase at WalMart if you are interested). To enter, please leave a comment below; tell me: How does the TIKI® Brand help to create the perfect environment for your outdoor entertaining?”

This post is sponsored by TIKI® Brand, but as always, all opinions are my own.

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