Late Lunch Tunic


Late Lunch Tunic Women's Pattern Review

I’ve been sewing more for myself lately.  Little by little, I’m overcoming that fear of investing time and money into sewing something that might wind up being a big failure.  A few weeks ago, I looked around my sewing room and realized that I have piles of fabric intended for clothes for myself and yet, it just sits there.  No more, I’m using it up.  I’ve made a handful of tops since then and finally got up the nerve to sew up the Late Lunch Tunic pattern by Liesl + Co.

Late Lunch Tunic Women's Pattern Review

I purchased this digital pattern and even printed it out ages ago.  The style appealed to me because the top is structured to right under the bust and then it has a nice, flowy skirt.  I figured it would be perfect for my pear shape and would be long enough to wear comfortably with leggings or skinny jeans.  I’ve been wanting to sew myself some plaid check since I fell in love with this Christmas dress.  I scored some plaid flannel on clearance that worked great for this project.

Late Lunch Tunic Women's Pattern Review
Late Lunch Tunic Women's Pattern Review
I sewed a size 2, following the pattern suggestions for bust measurement and I’m really happy with the finished result.  The length and shoulder fit is perfect on my frame.  The arms are a little tight though not uncomfortable, and should be fine once I tone up a bit, ahem. The pattern was easy to follow and easy to sew – I finished within a few hours and intend to make several more of these babies.

Late Lunch Tunic Women's Pattern Review

I added two elastic cord loops into the bodice seam on each side to hold a belt.  I like to accentuate my slimmer areas with a belt and I don’t want to worry about it slipping down or sitting crooked – the loops do the trick to hold it in place.  This thin belt is comfortable to wear, but adds just a little formality to the tunic.  I also dressed it up with some shiny buttons.  Of course, you can keep the tunic more casual without a belt and with simpler buttons.

Late Lunch Tunic Women's Pattern Review

I’ve worn my new uniform four of the last five days, including on a weekend date to Tahoe for Valentine’s Day with my husband, rollerskating with the kids, and for school carpool.  It works for pretty much everything.

Late Lunch Tunic Women's Pattern Review


Pattern:  digital Late Lunch Tunic by Liesl + Co.

Fabric:  Flannel from Beverly’s Fabrics (purchased locally)


  1. says

    Love the tunic in black and white check! It looks wonderful on you. Are you normally a size two or did you adjust the size? I’m asking because you never know how patterns are sized and I am MUCH larger than a size two!!

    • girlinspired says

      Thank you so much, Rosellen. About the sizing…IF I were at my ideal weight, I would be a size 2, probably – I’m quite petite. My extra weight falls mainly in my hips, so I often have to adjust patterns up in size to fit over the rest of me. I’m also carrying a bit more weight on my arms right now, which effects sizing. The arms ended up being a little tight with the size 2, but I think it was pretty true to size and the suggested sizing based on provided measurements was accurate for me. I appreciated that there was enough gathering below the bust that the smaller size still flared out over my much larger hips. I would suggest choosing a size based on your bust measurement and the provided chart – as suggested in the pattern. I hope that helps!

  2. says

    I love this top on you!! I too am trying to break free from only sewing for my kids. :) It’s hard!

    *Do you have a duffle bag pattern coming out soon?

    • girlinspired says

      Thanks Catie! Sewing for kids is so much easier, but sewing for myself seems to be more rewarding right now – you can do it!

      I do have a duffle bag pattern coming out “soon”. :) I don’t know when it will be, but yes, that’s my goal!! :)

  3. stacey morales says

    I love that tunic… it looks great on you! and the flannel fabric must be comfy. Thank you for showing this to us.

  4. says

    Ive been sewing for my daughter since sept and cannot brave to sew for myself yet. The pattern and fabric look great on you. Its all come together so weel.

  5. Teresa says

    So cute! I would love to see more plus size patterns. I know you’re not one, but it’s so hard finding good modern clothing for plus size girls. I am smaller up top in my chest and arms and all my weight is in my stomach and hips, sometimes when I buy larger tops ppl ask if I’m pregnant. LOL! Um no, it’s just baby weight (she’s 4 LOL!) I wonder if I could make this shirt and not look pregnant. :-)

    • girlinspired says

      Marissa – you should definitely make one! You could wear it right after the baby and it would be super flattering!

  6. Kristie Clower says

    Super cute! This pattern is adorable and looks like it fits you really well. I’m afraid to sew for myself because I don’t want to waste/ruin my lovely fabric. Maybe I should follow your lead and stitch up something for myself.

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