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Hello friends,  Christmas is upon us and I just wanted to wish you all a very special holiday.  I hope your hearts are filled with love and peace.  I had a couple other projects that I was planning to share before the holiday, but my family finally got caught by the flu bug that is running rampant.  Getting sick never fails to remind me just how precious is it to be well and I am so blessed that my family is healthy.  Also, I dropped six pounds just in time for Christmas dinner, so there’s that silver lining!


The flu took a few of us out for a couple days, but we had little time for rest and recuperation as two of my girls put on their dancing shoes and gave five amazing Nutcracker performances.  Addie, who skipped a couple of the late-night performances, had so much fun dancing with her little friend and I have to say, the little lamb costumes were absolutely the cutest in the show – irresistable cuteness!


Olivia blew me away with her grace and confidence on the stage.  It was a really special thing to see her, typically so shy, so excited to perform.  She loved getting all dressed up, especially in her party scene costume, and soaked up the compliments and the whole experience.


Alrighty, I leave you with the cutest fluff of a sheep tail you’ve ever seen.  Who knew wool and tulle went so well together – wink, wink!  Merry Christmas, friends!!


p.s. I didn’t do any of the sewing for the costumes – that would be too crazy much!!


  1. Queenie says

    Glad to hear your family is feeling better. Your daughter’s are adorable in there costumes. Did you create these sheep costumes?

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