The Edelweiss Dress in Polka Dots and Peach


Edelweiss Dress Pattern Review

Brace yourself. I’m about to go overboard on the pictures again. How many is too many do you think? I always wonder that when I’m editing pictures – “if this wasn’t my child, would I still think it’s the cutest picture and must be included?”   Today Addie is modeling my version of the Edelweiss Dress, another darling Hey June pattern.

Edelweiss Dress Pattern Review

The story of how this particular dress came to be is….interesting.  I pondered over fabric combos on this one for quite a while.  I really have to shop from the fabrics in front of me and literally hold them in place where they’ll go before I figure out if I like a combo or not.  So, I finally paired up this white and gray polka dot with the solid coral/peach and then had the brilliant idea to use eyelet lace instead of the ruffle for the sleeve.  So, I cut out all my pattern pieces, decide to add the contrast band on the bottom of the skirt there and then I start constructing the  lace/ruffle pieces.  I get them all prepped and start sewing everything when I realize – it wasn’t my brilliant idea to use the eyelet at all.  I was totally in the middle of straight up copying Jessica’s adorable “When We Were Young Striped Dress.”  With Jess’ blessing, though, I treaded on, still loving the eyelet with the lightness of the gray dot and the summery pop of peach.  Of course, I didn’t have enough eyelet, so my straps are a little shorter than they should be.  And I miscalculated (even after checking myself three times) and cut the skirt too short.  I finished the dress not knowing if it would even button across Addie’s back.  It was just one of those days when I probably shouldn’t have been in the sewing room at all.  BUT!  It did fit Addie and actually looks pretty flippin’ adorable.  Since it was short, I pulled out some knit bloomers that have eyelet on the bottom and I couldn’t be happier with the vintage-y look.

Edelweiss Dress Pattern Review

Edelweiss Dress Pattern Review

I have nothing but love for the pattern itself.  The Edelweiss pattern was just as clear and understandable as I found the Narita Dress Pattern.  I love the way that Adrianna puts together her patterns and uses illustrations for the step by step instructions – makes it so easy to follow.

Edelweiss Dress Pattern Review

I really, really love the back details of this dress, especially.  The way the straps fall on the outside of the shoulder blades and the low cut of the back bodice are so pretty and feminine.

Edelweiss Dress Pattern Review

I also love how the skirt of the dress/tunic has just the right amount of body.  It puffs out just enough and twirls a bit, but doesn’t overwhelm the little people with too much fabric.

Edelweiss Dress Pattern Review

Edelweiss Dress Pattern Review

The little model was being really sassy for this photo shoot – she had a lot of her own ideas about where and how she would stand or sit.  A lot of her ideas were different than mine.  It turned out good though, as long as you’re not tired of my weeds in the background of all the blog pictures.  hahaha!

Edelweiss Dress Pattern Review

You can see a whole bunch more renditions of the Edelweiss Dress and Top by following along the Hey June pattern tour over at Crafterhours.  Also, be sure to check out Kristin’s cute woodland dress from yesterday and Shauna’s gorgeous blue top here.

Edelweiss Dress Pattern Review

Now, go get yourself an Edelweiss Dress Pattern and start sewing!  Bonus is that you get to sing “Edelweiss” to yourself and anyone that will listen the whole time you’re sewing…



  1. says

    oh my goodness, I never would’ve imagined you had so many problems, it turned out beautifully! I have those days all the time. I’m not as good as you though – I usually just throw it all in the scrap bin and go eat ice cream in front of the tv, ha! anyway, thank you again so much for being on the tour and sharing your incredibly gorgeous girl and dress with everyone! I am seriously digging that band on the bottom, I can’t believe I didn’t think of that! It’s the perfect contrast to the straps.

  2. says

    Never too many photos of this cutie! I always wonder the same thing, though. Love the dress and wondering if I should make an eyelet sleeve version at naptime today…haha.

  3. says

    Bloomers are always a good idea. I think they take dresses into the realm of the totally practical for little girls. And great inspiration for sewing through the pain — it turned out great.

  4. says

    Oh. my. gosh. The finished product is STUNNING Stef! She looks like a little vintage angel in it. I love love the colors and fabrics, and of course, the eyelet! But the photos…spectacular! I always err on the side of too many, also, but we DO NOT mind…hehe!

  5. says

    NEVER too many pictures, I say! Especially with your daughters, your sewing, and your photography. So pretty, Stef. I love it all.

  6. says

    Gorgeous!!! I know what you mean about too many pics – I ask myself the same question you ask! These are all lovely. The dress is fab. Suz

    • girlinspired says

      Thanks, Shay! I think you could use any elastic waist, loose-fitting shorts pattern, and then just make them from a comfy knit and add elastic casing and eyelet around the leg hems. These were purchased from Hanna Anderson many years ago, but I remember making some for Minnie Mouse costumes a few years back. I don’t think I used a pattern – sorry I can’t be more helpful!

  7. katforever18 says

    That is such a CUTE dress & so is your daughter!!! I Love, Love, Love the colors!! I have a new granddaughter, our first grandbaby, & I want to make this for her but I either have to down size it or wait until she’s older. I don’t know if I can downsize it or not I haven’t even made my first dress or garment, I’m scared to try, but I’ve made several quilts so I do know a little bit about sewing so maybe it won’t be to bad. I just have to get over my fear of making clothes. LOL :)


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