Mustache Dress is Must Have Dress


#mustache #dress for girls!

Sometimes it can be really fun to sew with no agenda. When I spotted this totally fun mustache fabric for sale from my sponsor, XO Gigi Fabrics, I couldn’t wait to get it! I held it up and asked the girls who wanted it. Addison’s jumping up and down and laughing hysterically while screaming MUSTACHE won her the latest dress creation. This mustache dress puts the biggest smiles on everyone’s faces – it’s just happy fabric.#mustache #dress for girls!

The dress is silly and playful and girly and cute. I’m not sure how Mustache Dress Photo Shoot turned into Talent Show, but we got the whole gamut of props and poses and on-stage skits from the goofball. I have to say, I couldn’t be more proud of the way that she color matched all her props!  This is all her people.#mustache #dress for girls!

As for the sewing portion of this post…what we’ve got here is basically a peasant-style dress. The sleeves are cut a little shorter and left loose and fluttery. The neckline is the most significant change to how you’d typically sew a peasant dress. I stacked three pieces of knit in varying widths and basted them onto the front neck before joining the front to the sleeves, making a pretty contrasting ruffle placket. The neckline across the back and around the sleeves is gathered with elastic, but the front neckline of the dress is just gathered and then encased with bias tape – it doesn’t stretch in the front. This keeps the ruffle placket in place.

#mustache #dress for girls!

I finished the sleeves and hem using a narrow/rolled hem because it’s so quick and neat.  Easy peasy!  And super cute – I think it’s the perfect style for a playful fabric.

#mustache #dress for girls!

She’s so cute… If you want to put a smile on someone’s face, make ’em something out of this mustache fabric!!!

ALSO, the results were posted for the HUGE fabric matching game giveaway!  Did you play?  Did you get mine right?  You can see which blogger picked which fabric by checking out the original post – I updated it with the results and “answer key.”


  1. Kathie says

    Fabulous! I think I want to make 6 dresses for the 4 generations in our family :) This “girl” has been “inspired.” Thank You!

  2. says

    Ah, so lovely! I love the ruffly detail. I will have to try that! And I just followed your link for the rolled hem tutorial. Low and behold, I have that foot and never realized what it was for. I’m off to try a rolled hem!



  3. Rosellen Ralph says

    This is the cutest fabric! It would also be cute to make a little boy’s shirt. The ruffles look great on the front, too. Good job!

  4. Kristie says

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I have some of the same fabric (from Hobby Lobby) great minds think alike!
    Super cute & fun dress Stef.
    PS-Did I mention I LOVE it! :)


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