Lucky Duckies



I’m working on a handful of projects, sprucing up my little deck for the summer.


Was going to share one of the projects with you today, but then I got distracted by these pictures of my fuzzy little ducklings.  My husband called at lunchtime last week – he was at the feed store.  “Do you want some ducks?”  Um…yes, yes, I do.  We had to wait a whole week for the next shipment of duckies to come in.  They’re so darn cute, splashing in their little pie plate of water and snuggling up together neck over neck.  Ducklings

I never knew how cute ducky feet were before.  We also have eight newer chickies that will be joining our year-old hens and rooster eventually.  And the cats.  And the dog.  And the children.  Well, a full home is a happy home, right?  We named the ducks “Lucky” and “Ducky”, naturally.



  1. says

    The duckies are soo “cutie” as my girls would say. You really have your hands full. I forgot you had the chickens, etc. Easy to care for (chickens) but I recall now one of my first comment posts with you I shared how we had 25 chickens and 1 rooster when we lived in our previous home in VA. AND how we had to get rid of “Mr. Mean Jeans”! I’ll show my girls the pics so they can see how “cutie” they are. I loved those chickens waddling behind me. You should post some pics of your chickens and new chicks too! Would love to see some of your outdoor/farm life at your home!

  2. TerriSue says

    Oh my, brings back memoeies. We had a house duck named Dodger for four years. She wore a diaper halter after she had been up two hours in the morning, ( we had to make sure she wasn’t going to lay an egg). She followed me everywhere. She would sit between my husband and I at night while we watched TV. She was quite personable. She ran where ever she was going. I miss the sound of those fast flappy feet so much. She died in a tragic accident a year ago. enjoy this age. If you think children grow fast, wait until you see how fast ducks grow!

  3. says

    Oh how cute!! I’m trying to convince my husband that we need ducks. He had one growing up and I think it would be great to get them for our kids. I’ll show him these pics and maybe it will help my cause 😉

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