Vanilla Chocolate Chip Meringues

This is one of our favorite treats as of late – vanilla chocolate chip meringues.  They are so simple to make!  In fact, it’s my husband that has been baking these up!  Ever since I made him those meringue mushroom cupcakes for his birthday, he’s been a fan!  Meringues are made from egg whites and sugar – they are light and airy and just a little sweet.  They’re delicious with chocolate, too. 
Here’s how to make them:
 Recipe adapted just a bit from Martha Stewart – Original recipe here
 After you’ve whisked up your meringue into stiff peaks, it will look like this.
You can drop the meringues onto a baking sheet with a spoon or make them pretty by piping them.
If you’re piping the meringues, you can make chocolate centers as shown in the picture above.  My husband just likes to whisk the chocolate chips right into the meringue and drop the cookies from a spoon onto the baking sheet.  The meringue will hold its exact shape when it bakes, which makes these swirls fun!
I tried a few other versions, too.  Peppermint extract + chocolate chips = too pepperminty, not my fave.  A little lemon juice and lemon rind on top = not quite the right texture, but tasty!  Sweet chocolate powder + chocolate chips = great!  
What do you think?  Will you be making some of these for your Valentine? 


  1. Talitha says

    Stef! These look so good! I really want to go make some now! And the chocolate center idea is brilliant! Pinned!

  2. Marlys Folly says

    I have made these with piping the meringue around Hershey kisses… also at Christmas crumbled some candy canes in the meringue.

    • says

      Ooooo – the candy canes sound SO good. And the Hershey’s kisses would be quick and cute, although I’m really a semi-sweet kind of girl!

    • says

      My mom used to make divinity at Christmas every year – I checked out her recipe tonight and it is really similar (although a lot more involved) and includes chopped nuts and corn syrup!

  3. Charity says

    Yummy! I’ve made meringues similar to these before where I set chocolate chips in rows on a pan and pipe little puffs on top, but the bottoms of the chips burn… yours is a much better method! =)

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