February Inspiration

Last year, I had the idea to group together projects by theme and share tutorials and resources based on those themes.  The response was really incredible and it’s time to put this back into practice.  Each month, I’m aiming to share a collage of projects and products that center around a common theme and then I’ll share the specifics throughout the month.  I hope you’ll be motivated to try something new as I share fresh ideas, fun products, helpful tools and just some great inspiration.  So, without further adieu, today I have our February project set:  a little Valentine’s, a little red and pink and chocolate, some sewing, some sweets, some fun DIY!  
This list has been updated with project links for each of the specific posts! 


  1. Truly Myrtle says

    This is such great idea. And, it gives you a focus too.
    I’m making myself an outfit a month at the moment and I’m finding it hugely inspirational to come up with a whole look. I’m looking forward to seeing more of your little collections :)

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