Sprucing up the Blog

Happy Sunday!  Are you getting ready to watch the Super Bowl?  Around here…we like to watch the commercials and eat party food; the game is just an excuse, but it’s fun to have a celebratory day regardless!

I wanted to share with you some of the changes that I have made to the Girl. Inspired. blog design over the last few weeks.  It has been a slow and grueling process (because I’m the opposite of tech savvy), but I really needed some sprucing up and I am loving the changes!!  Before I show you around a little, though, I also wanted to say a HUGE thank you for all of your support and commentary on my lace dress post from Friday – I was super nervous to post it and you guys just really made me feel wonderful and encouraged to continue sewing for myself, so thank you!
Okay, back to the blog changes.  Let’s start with the top of the page when you first click over to Girl. Inspired., shall we?

At the very top of the page, you will find quick links to stay connected with Girl. Inspired. via social media, RSS feed, and email.

Just below the top of the page, you will find links to a variety of free-standing pages on the blog.  Please, explore!!  As I get myself organized and try to implement a more structured posting schedule, I also wanted to have the design of the blog easier for you to navigate.  I’ve done a lot of updating, to the overall design aesthetic, but more importantly, to easier navigation in the backlinks that you will find under these various page tabs.  The pages will look something like this:

 You should be able to easily click on the picture of the post you’d like to see and it will take you directly there – if you find any broken or erroneous links, do let me know!!  I will continue to update these pages to include recent and ongoing projects on the blog.

Also at the top of the blog, you will find rotating pictures that link directly to some of my recent or most popular posts.  These will change regularly, but all highlighted posts will remain linked under their categorical page.

As you scroll down the page, you will find a whole host of additional information and links in the right-hand sidebar.

In addition to options to search the blog and subscribe via email, you will find links to my sponsors and links to other recent/popular posts.  These will also be rotated occasionally!

On the main page of the blog, you can scroll down to see my most recent posts.  After an introduction to each post, you can now click on the text “Click to read more” in order to view the post in full.  You can always click on the “home” tab at the top of the page to get back to the main homepage.  If you are pinning an image (we love Pinterest!), please click through to the specific full post and pin your image from there; otherwise, the pin will be linked to the main homepage, making the specific project more cumbersome to find in the future!

Also, I want to connect with YOU!  This is one of my main goals for Girl. Inspired. this year.  I tend to get overwhelmed with my email inbox, but I do love to hear from you.  If you leave a comment or question on a blog post, I am now aiming to respond to you within the comments section on the blog – I think this will help everyone!  If you don’t hear back from me and you have a question, please feel free to bug me again!  Email me:  girlinspired@yahoo.com  Sometimes, things just get buried – it doesn’t mean you’re not important to me! 

Alrighty!??!  What do you think?  Easier?  More confusing? Let me know!  and I hope you love it!  There will probably be a few more tweaks here and there in the coming weeks, but overall, I hope that the changes make for a more enjoyable time while you’re here visiting me! 

Over the next few weeks, I will also be implementing some new project/post goals of mine, so keep a look out for those!  I think you’re going to love where we’re heading!  See you tomorrow!


  1. Sweetbug Studio says

    I can’t believe you fidure this out on your own! I couldn’teven figure out a FB biz page nor find the time to read the FB for dummies book on it to get going! Good for you! You are one of my daily blog check ins before I start etsy/errand/mom duties. When you spoke of ALT and what you wanted in the future can I just say I could see you doing a book! You have such a beautiful style to all that you do and a book focused on all the parties, quilts, decor, dresses for the parties, etc. for girls would be a BEAUTIFUL BOOK!!!! (The sis boom lady did one for just girls….hmmm?)

    • says

      Thank you!!! That means the world to me! I’d love to write a book – we shall see….

      Figuring out the html stuff can be really frustrating, but then the accomplishment feels so great! I google almost everything and just tackle one thing at a time! You can do it!

  2. Truly Myrtle says

    Well done! there is such a lot of work in a redesign like this, you’ve been hard at work :)
    Be pleased with yourself, it looks GREAT!
    I really have to brush up my tech skills, it’s great to know that you’ve figured it all out yourself.

  3. Sabra says

    This all looks amazing. Seriously, so professional, I can’t believe you did it all youself. I need to do some major revamping and updating on my blog, but I know it will take foreva and won’t look near as nice. Still, you’re motivating me to get on it.

  4. The Mother Huddle says

    Stef, it looks amazing!! I am behind on my blog reading, and thought…wait a minute…something is different! Love love it!

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