Holiday Shift Dress and Lace Leggings


I stitched up this darling and simple shift dress for Addie to wear for the holidays.  At age 3, she wants nothing much to do with any clothing other than pajamas, stretchy pants, and simple dresses.  I knew that she would refuse to wear anything frilly or fancy and this little pattern was absolutely perfect.  It’s the new Go To Patterns Shift Dress.  (affiliate links) It’s just two pieces, with bias tape around the neckline, armholes, and keyhole cutout in the back.  I used a silk/cotton blend for the dress – it’s called Radiance by Robert Kauffman, the same fabric that I used to make the pink princess gown last year, the stuff is dreamy.  To coordinate with the lace dress Grace would be wearing for Christmas, I imagined that this shift dress would pair great with some black lace tights or leggings.  I wasn’t able to find stretch black lace locally, so I attempted to dye a white lace.  I used the stove top method with salt for black Rit dye on this nylon/cotton/spandex blend lace and it came out with a rich, even blackness.  I used the Go To Leggings pattern to make a pair of footless tights; I skipped hemming the pants – they took about 10 minutes to sew together – love that pattern.  Of course, the chances of convincing Addie to have her picture taken are slim to none.  When she put the leggings on late Sunday afternoon and requested a photo shoot, I JUMPED to get the dress on her and race outside.

You’ll have to excuse the blurry, less than ideal pictures.  The kid is adorable, the clothes are awesome, the photography is poooooooor.  But, I wasn’t looking at my camera settings, I was just trying to click the shutter as fast as I could before the little boss called the whole thing off.  See her grand finale down there in the corner?  She busted out her 60’s dance moves – plugged her nose and shimmied all the way down to the ground, laughing hysterically.  Amazing how much of her personality I caught even if the pictures aren’t grand!


  1. kate says

    cute! i love that you used the legging pattern for lace tights! brilliant! I sorta like the style of the photos :)

  2. Melissa (Melly Sews) says

    My comment disappeared! Well, what it said was that the dress/tights are gorgeous and so is the girl and I LOVE that fabric – A-MAZING stuff. I just got some in Wisteria to make a dress. And now I’m trying to talk myself out of getting some to make lounge pants for myself.

  3. treen says

    ditto to Jessica – I don’t know what you’re complaining about with the pictures. They’re better than anything I’ve ever shot – I’ve never had a good camera. The quality of the camera does make a difference, even if your settings are off.

    • says

      Thank you!! I spent a lot of time in Photoshop on the pictures. The issue was 1) it was too late in the afternoon and the lighting was already pretty yellow and I didn’t set my white balance correctly – had to use a filter in Photoshop AND turn them black and white (but I LOVE bw photos, so that was fun anyway) and then I’m also getting used to a new lens and I had the depth of field too shallow which led to a lot of blurry photos. They’re just not as crisp as I wanted, but they’re still adorable pictures of this kiddo, so they’re keepers! You guys are sweet! Thanks for the encouragement!

  4. kristin says

    I love the photos too! Hate it when the ones I love best end up blurry, but a cute kiddo makes all the difference. And a cute outfit too! Love the lace leggings. :)

  5. shalyn says

    Where do you find the stretch lace that you use? I haven’t looked too many places yet but didn’t see any at JoAnn’s when I was there last.

    • says

      Hi Shalyn,
      I did get this stretch lace from Joanns, I wish I had a good source, but I don’t! Let me know if you find a place with some other varieties!

  6. MyLittleNuggets says

    I just bought these patterns a few weeks ago and haven’t used them yet. So glad for this post b/c now I see how cute it looks and have some leads on fabric!

  7. Ashley says

    Your daughter is ADORABLE!! Love the dress. And btw, those photos are worthy of having a photography business! they are sooooo dreamy and the evening lighting just adds to the romantic atmosphere!

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