Happy Birthday, Grace!


Today is the fifth birthday of my beautiful Grace!  This little girl is bigger than life and brighter than the sunshine.  Everything she does, she does it 200%!  I’ve never met someone so sure of who they are, so ready to experience everything life has to offer.  How I would love to crawl into her brain for just five minutes!  I’m not going to say that parenting her is the easiest task, but at least I always know where we stand.
Some things I want Grace to know about herself on her 5th birthday:
Your favorite foods include candy, cheese sticks, Pirate’s Booty, and anything you’re required to eat in order to get more candy!
Your favorite things to play are anything that Olivia is playing; usually you two play with baby dolls or pretend one or the other is the baby.
If there’s something moving, jumping, shouting, or up in flames, you’re there.  The louder, the more dangerous, the wilder, the scarier, the more scadalous, the better.  I’m significantly concerned about your teenage years.
Your favorite flavor is vanilla, just like your daddy.
Your strategic thinking skills are unbelievably well developed.  I have no idea what sort of career path you will follow, but I’m pretty sure you’d make an excellent attorney…yesterday.
You have a love/hate relationship with sit-down work like writing, coloring, reading, etc.  You want to be older and do the things you see Olivia doing, but you have no tolerance for learning that which you do not already know and get frustrated really easily.
You are always eager to help me, especially with Addie.  Also, you and Addie make the sweetest playmates. 
You spontaneously clap your hands together when you’re really happy or excited about something, and when you’re really proud of someone else.  It’s my favorite thing.  That clap.
Sometimes, it’s a snap instead of a clap – that’s my favorite thing, too.  
You’re committed to learning how to play the guitar.
Your quest for knowledge is insatiable.
You are beautiful.
I love you more than anything.  Happy Birthday, Gracie!!


  1. JoJo Eloise says

    This tribute to Grace on her birthday is truly Precious!!! She seems to have quite the SPUNKY little spirit : ) And your description of her spontaneously Clapping her hands when she is excited about something is so very SWEET!!! Happy Birthday, Grace!!!

  2. Jessica at Me Sew Crazy says

    I cannot believe how much she has grown! Beautiful, just beautiful. Happy Birthday sweet thing!

  3. kristin says

    Omigosh such a cutie pie and what a gorgeous baby she was! Yay for newborn hair! She seems like a really fun little gal, too. Happy birthday, Grace!

  4. Tracy K. says

    I LOVE this post! What a super way to say happy birthday. I love that you thought about your child and what makes her unique and then declared it to the world. She’s a very lucky little girl.

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