Happy 2013!!


 We made it through another year!!  Time passes whether we’re happy, hurting, complaining, or laughing!  We might as well truly make every day the best it can be!  And I think 2013 is going to be AMAZING!!  Who’s with me?

I’m so thankful to each of you for reading this blog.  It has turned into a huge passion of mine, something that I think about and plan for constantly.  You all motivate and inspire me beyond words and I have loved getting to know you through this little virtual space.  I am REALLY excited to continue sharing my creative endeavors here in 2013 and I also have some fun NEW things planned to share. 

As I get my project list going, I’m also trying to bump up my organization game a bit and make some changes to the look and flow of the blog.  We will be having a sponsor spotlight post each month showcasing some wonderful companies and their latest news.  We will also be having one huge giveaway with opportunities for several winners each month!!  Of course, you can look forward to more children’s clothing and patterns, crafts, home decor, fresh party ideas, some adult sewing!, and YOUR projects featured on the Girl. Inspired. blog!! 

I would love to hear from YOU about what you’d like to see on the blog this year.  Is it more of something, less of something, a new somethin’somethin’??  Maybe video tutorials?  Basic sewing techniques?  Recipes?  Simple cake how-tos?  More patterns?  More DIY home decor projects?  My interests are all over the board (but you already knew that!)  And honestly, my motivation to blog about projects is largely driven by the response from you – so when you love something, tell me!!  Thank you so, so much for sharing this space with me – cheers to 2013!!!!!  


  1. Lanie says

    I love it all! What a happy post! Happy new year to you and your fam! What’s in store for Gracie’s birthday?

  2. Charity says

    I’d just like to see more of the same… I love almost everything I see you make, and I’m always interested in seeing what you’ve been doing creatively. =)
    Have a Happy New Year! =)

  3. kristin says

    Happy New Year, Stef!! I loved getting to know you in 2012 and can’t wait to see what you dream up next in 2013!!

  4. Jessica Powers says

    I’m not a sewer, though I did well enough back in home ec classes, but your blog gets me all excited to take it up and I’d be grateful and delighted with a set of start-up, beginner friendly tutorials and basic sewing stuff!

  5. Anonymous says

    Oh Stef,
    Love the blog just the way it is* but if you change it, I’m sure I’d still love it! I’m (ahem) a bit older (lets just say I’m looking forward to some grandchildren in the next 2-4 years) and I’m been sewing since I was (aprox) a 12 year old girl so I’m pretty versed in most sewing techniques (I’ve belonged to a smocking guild and have taken numerous heirloom sewing classes) I’m NOT however all that creative, nor can I draw or paint worth a darn. “Sew” please carry on as you have and I’ll continue to “follow”
    *Oh please add the function to be able to read you blog via a month “drop-down box”

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