Our Christmas House

The whirlwind of Christmas preparations are winding down.  The shopping is done, the goodies will continue to be baked and consumed at a steady pace.  I just finished my last handmade gift and most of the wrapping is done.  We’re watching Christmas movies and listening to all the Christmas songs and even though it’s rainy and windy and miserable outside, we finally have a toasty fire going to keep us cozy and warm. 
Before I sign off for a few days, I wanted to wish each of you a peaceful and joyous holiday filled with love. 
And some last minute Christmas decoration pictures, since I hadn’t gotten around to sharing them, and it’s now or never!
Mostly, I just decorate downstairs since that is where we spend the bulk of our time.  The girls have a tree and nativity scene in their room and I put up a little vignette with some lights in my room, mostly so that I can fall asleep to twinkly lights.  Our living/family room and kitchen are all one big open space and it makes it fun to have all the decorating flow across the living area (an amongst the sea of toys that typically adorn the floor).  Graham came home from Home Depot on black Friday with 12 poinsettias, so we have an abundance of red this year!!  You can also get some glimpses of my reupholstered couch which still isn’t totally finished – New Year’s resolution in the making!  I found out that I had to return to placing all bagged gifts up on the cabinets and furniture again this year, not because the girls won’t stay out of them, but those darned cats kept climbing in them, chewing on them, and shredding the tissue paper! 
Alrighty!  I’m off to make some more caramel corn and see what fun Christmas movies are on tonight!  Have a wonderful week! 


  1. says

    Everything is so pretty Stef! Is your tree real, it’s gorgeous!! Thanks for stopping over tonight, I’ve been thinking of you too.
    Oh, I sprayed the little tree with a can of snow, you can find it almost anywhere.
    Merry Christmas to you and your beautiful family! xo

  2. Kristie Clower says

    Squee! I love your house! The decorations fit your decor perfectly. I wish my house was as pretty. I can’t wait to see all of the goodies your girls are getting. Have a wonderful Christmas Stef. XO

  3. treen says

    The gift bags on top of the cabinet next to the fireplace look like part of the planned decor rather than just a way of keeping the cats out of them – nice! Merry Christmas!

  4. Lanie says

    Absolutely gorgeous! Wish I were closer to come share some caramel corn and cocoa with you guys! Merry Christmas cousins!

  5. kristin says

    so beautiful and serene!! thanks for the little tour. i only decorate my main floor too, for the most part. :) merry christmas to you and your family!

  6. Justine of SewCountryChick says

    Your sewing and home decorating are so happy and lovely! And those cakes! Can I just come and live at your house?

  7. cestMoi Sandy says

    Hi Steff,
    Oh my, did you have a funfilled productive year!
    And it is so weird in a way to line them all up and come to realize: “did i do all that?”
    I think I love the quilts and the babyshower the most!
    Hoping to come visit you in 2013!
    Happy New Year!


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