Moustache Mirrors – Easy Gift Pizazz

 Are you ready for a super quick way to jazz up some of your Christmas gifts this year?  I love the whole moustache trend, don’t you?  I came across these stickers recently and thought they’d be great to add just a little fun to some Christmas gifts. 
Are you stuffing stockings with makeup or mirrored compacts?  Someone need a hand held mirror?  Giving your sweetie a jewelry box?  Pop a little moustache sticker on that gift and suddenly you have a  quirky little surprise to make someone giggle!  Easy as that!  
Not so easy is taking a timed picture from behind while lining my upper lip at the right angle with the mirror in front of the camera – but you get the gist, right?  Okay, great!  Now, go jazz up some gifts!!


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