Basic Bodice Christmas Dress

I started working on Christmas dress sewing.  I’ve grown tired of traditional Christmas colors and dresses that only get worn once or twice.  This year, I think we’re going with black and champagne.  Pretty, right?  First up is Grace’s dress….or at least, what was supposed to be a dress until I hemmed it too short.  I suppose she’s getting pants, too!  Want to know how to make a lace dress using any basic bodice?  I’m sharing the details today over at icandy handmade for Jen and Autie’s Basic Bodice Design Series


  1. I love your choice of fabric!!!

  2. Ruby Jean says:

    So very pretty. :)

  3. this is gorgeous!

  4. This dress/top is just beautiful. I love the lace, and the addition of the collar, sash, and covered buttons. =)

  5. Shaharban Hashim says:

    hi there…lovely dress
    i’m a new sewing enthusiast…i saw this post at icandy handmade…can u please explain me the armhole portion…i mean, after joining the neckline of bodice main and lining, what is the next step to do for the armhole…coz the armhole of ur dress looks absolutely stunning(no seems seen)…done with perfection…plz plz plz…i also need that perfect look…plz help me with the further process after sewing the neckline…

  6. This dress is so cute and beautiful! You inspired me to make my own version of it for my daughters birthday and this is the result: Thank you so much for sharing! Liz

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