Chicken Pillows

 Hello!  I got slammed with the stomach flu last week and was totally out of commission for something like five days.  Just as my stomach starting feeling better, I caught an awful head cold, too.  SO, I haven’t a bunch of great projects to share.  I did, however, make his and her snuggly flannel pillowcases for my couch pillows.  The kind of couch pillows that you stash in the closet when guests come over.  Flannel chickens….who can resist.  Not a terribly interesting project, but they went nicely with my fluAlso, I never quite know what to do with flannel.
I {almost} finished off my Christmas shopping and I’m leaving the whole month of December open for holiday crafting, sewing, and baking.  Still trying to compose my list of projects, but based on the fabric I bought at Joann’s black Friday sale, looks like I’ll be making Christmas pajamas, Christmas dresses, more skinny jeans, doll clothes, and baby doll quilts…maybe.
What’s on your list? 
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  1. Sweetbug Studio says

    I love the chicken print flannel! So cute and cozy looking. We used to have 25 chickens on a farm in VA so I love it!! Sorry to hear you were not well. I find (like when my back went out) it is actually time for a needed break. I too am trying to get done with the shopping early but with two girls birthdays (11/28 and 12/29) it makes it that much more crazy! I love to have time to be home to relax, be cozy, hang out with my family, bake, and keep my store stocked for the holidays!Off to do more errands!!! Ahh!!

  2. JLL24 says

    Love your ‘chicken’ pillows. I ended up with a slew of chickens, and it all started when my son decided he needed some baby chicks. HA! now they’re mine. They all are roosters, ta boot. Which is funny, the largest one, Alfalfa, seems to think he is a cat or dog….as he has to be petted. And the hen, well, Lilly is really a rooster…guess no eggs from her, or him? Anyway, would love to do some pillows with chickens on them.

  3. Kristie Clower says

    Squee! I love chickens! Mine are like little clowns. Sorry again about the flu. Sickness sucks. I have Christmas pjs, baby shoes & some gathered skirts on my to-do list. I’m hoping they’ll get finished before my birthday(12/9) but I’m not going to hold my breath. I can’t wait to see another pair of those skinny jeans!

  4. Andrea says

    That is adorable! I haven’t decided what I’m sewing for Christmas yet. Definitely have skinny jeans on the list. And probably some pillow cases because there are super easy and my kids think they are way cooler than they are!

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