Are you on Instagram?

How tech savvy are you?  I’m not – at all.  One thing at a time, I try to catch up with all the hip tech stuff, but I swear if I was just a few years younger, it would probably all be second nature for me.  A few weeks ago, my with-it friend Kristin, convinced me to get on Instagram.  I kind of love getting a behind the scenes look at all my favorite blogging friends!  And sharing some of my things that aren’t going to have a blog post dedicated to them.  Here’s a snippet of my behind the scenes… 
1. morning profile pic 2. donuts and dishsoap delivery  3. my belated birthday cake…  
4. …that the dog got to 5. rainy day bundle 6. rainy day puddles 
7. fashion plate fun  8. the cutest Trick o Treaters  9. making French Onion soup
10. reverse photo shoot  11. my dinner  12. letters to Santa Claus
 if you’re on Instagram, you can find me as girlinspired1! 


  1. Lanie says

    Fashion plates?! They still have those! Awesome! Great pics Stef! I love peeking into your life! I better get with it and learn Instagram.

    • says

      I KNOW! Aren’t fashion plates the best? It seems they make a modern, junky version, but I splurged (and I mean, splurged!) on a vintage set off of etsy last Christmas. I can’t believe I didn’t still have mine, but my girls NEEDED them! And they love them.

  2. Mae says

    welcome to ig, bet you’ll really like it. I’ve totally fallen <3. Now I use an app called postal pix to print them too. follow me, lovexxmae

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