Vintage Typewriter Makeover

 I have a favorite antique shop.  I’m telling you, this guy is awesome.  It could be because I’m a stay at home mom that doesn’t get out much to socialize with adults, but I really think Paul, the shop owner, has a special fondness for me.  He always has something that I like and always gives me a price that I can’t resist.  One time, last year, I stopped in with wild abandon to snatch up an iron bed for my mom.  When Paul said he thought of me when he found it, I knew I was part of the inner circle.  Made my whole week.  Really, though, the guy probably thinks I’m nuts.  He must wonder what I do with all my treasures that I drag home.  He rarely asks.  Last week, he had two typewriters stashed in the shop.  I asked how much he wanted for them, but I had to leave them behind.  See, I have a rule that I have to come up with a legitimate use for an item before I drag it home.  Mostly, I need a good story for my husband.  A “this is why I’m stashing another old, dusty thing in the garage” sort of story.  So I came up with a “good use” and went to get one of the typewriters.  I was so excited, this treasure went straight to the top of the project list.  I cleaned the cobwebs out of it with a toothbrush and taped it up good.  A few coats of pink spray paint and I have a great little photo prop.  
It’s funny because Paul actually asked what I was going to do with the typewriter.  I mumbled something about painting it pink.  I don’t think that was the right answer; he seemed to cringe a little.  Oh well.  I think she came out preeeeettty.  That’s a good use, right?  To look pretty?
  What do you think?  Do you like the pink typewriter??  Do you have a favorite antique shop?  Why is it your favorite?  Does anyone else ever pretend they’re part of an inner circle? 
Roses are ‘Abraham Darby’ by David Austin


  1. I LOVE the typewriter. It’s gorgeous, so pretty in pink! A vast improvement. Well done!

  2. What a Great idea!!! Love it so much!! I have a Royal typewriter in turquoise, but I have been on the search for a pink one!!
    Here is my typewriter

  3. Mona @ la la by mona says:

    Holy wow! I LOVE the new pink! She’s useful AND pretty!

  4. Simple Simon & Co says:

    I scored three different typewriters this summer at garage sales…but the painting idea is AWESOME! Love it!

  5. Simple Simon & Co says:

    I scored three different typewriters this summer at garage sales…but the painting idea is AWESOME! Love it!

  6. Simple Simon & Co says:

    I scored three different typewriters this summer at garage sales…but the painting idea is AWESOME! Love it!

  7. SO STINKIN’ cute!!!! I have an old turquoise one! And I have a “Paul” too. Only her name is Teri! How lucky are we?!!
    XO KRis

  8. nest full of eggs says:

    so pretty !!!

  9. Megan Hemphill says:

    I think its a perfect use for an old typewriter! Now I have pink typewriter envy. Oh, this is going to be difficult….

  10. Aaaadddorable!!

  11. Beautiful, my fav lil shop in my area is Alice And Jay’s in Sasser, Georgia !

  12. I never would have thought to do this. It is a real beauty. I love vintage items and even had a few of these old typewriter that I got rid of. NOw I wish I hadn’t.

  13. Марина Усатенко says:

    A-ha-ha! It’s beautiful!))))) In Ukraine antique shops are expensive, but some kind of antique markets…These are my favorite places!)))))) I even prefer some dusty thing to a new dress)) And my husband also always asks “O my God! What do you need this for??”

  14. This makes me want to go spray paint something old! The pink is gorgeous! Love it.

  15. the pink is perfect- so cute!!!!!

  16. Falafel and the Bee says:

    Oh my goodness that is BEAUTIFUL!!
    You did a great job. I love the pink.
    Fabulously vintage.

  17. This is SO GORGEOUS!

  18. LOVE the pink! I also have a favourite antique shop – it’s called Carrington Bazaar and it’s simply gorgeous! Lined with vintage clothes and full of treasures! Just waiting to move in to my own place before I start buying beautiful things for it and worm my way into the “inner circle” haha :)

  19. It’s gorgeous. What a fantastic prop.

  20. Creations By Cindy says:

    LOVE IT! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  21. Carol Pack Urban says:

    Gorgeous! I love all things vintage and {slurp} love pink!

  22. Most adorable typewriter ever! The color is so sweet and beautiful. Where ya gonna put it?

  23. my heart did a little happy skip as the photo of the pink typewriter loaded!! So cute! I have used my vintage typewriter both as a prop and to type but have never thought to paint it. Great idea!

  24. Love this idea. I can’t believe you didn’t get the paint on the keys! I know I would :) Great makeover, I think Paul would be proud.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Love it! I want it!! What an excellent idea, if I ever see an old typewriter like that here in Brisbane Australia where we live, I’d definitely buy that and give it a pink coat:)


  26. Thanks a lot for sharing us about this update. Hope you will not get tired on making posts as informative as this.

  27. Passionate Quilter says:

    No, no, no…we need ‘during’ pictures! I love the before and after, but would love to see the process of how you did it. I would have a mess! Yours looks awesome. Great job on the blog too.

  28. Hi,

    The typewriter looks great! I want to do the same to my typewriter. I am curious to know what type of paint was used to give it that nice finish

    • girlinspired says:

      Hi! Thank you! I just used regular Rustoleum spray paint in satin, as best I can remember. I just taped off and used newspaper to cover the parts I didn’t want painted. Good luck!

  29. Well, my goodness you just gave me the best idea of what to do with my vintage typewriter which doesn’t work at all and could use a facelift–Thank you! Lovely photos, and looks perfect with good ol’ Abe Darby. :)

  30. I’m researching on repainting typewriters, what was your process in repainting the typewriter? Did you sand it down or did you just repaint on top of the original paint job? I’m asking because I have a number of typewriters that need good repainting. Just some minor touches to some ugly scuffs that are an eye sore.

    I own an online store that specialises in typewriters hence my question.

    Hope to hear from you.

  31. Its gorgeous! What a great job you did. May I ask what color pink you choose and brand of spray paint.

    • girlinspired says:

      Thanks Kalena, I can’t say for sure because it was so long ago, but knowing myself, I think I probably used Rust-o-leum spray paint and there aren’t too many options for the color. It would be whichever is a baby pink or soft pink, something like that.

  32. Well done this looks amazing! You can also make the keys white, I often transform the keys on mine to white and putting an accent colour on the shift keys. Like the ones here:

  33. cool

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