Make an Impact with Throw Pillows!

Throw pillows are such a great sewing project – they are simple to sew, quick to finish, and can make a huge impact in any space.  I sewed a pile of pillow covers to use as party decor for Addison’s mermaid party.  
The color and style that they added to the bland outdoor space was incredible.  As a bonus, I used remnants and scraps from the quilts I’m sewing for the girls’ bedroom, and the pillows now have a second (and much longer) life as bedding decor inside!  
Add a quick ruffle strip on the horizontal or vertical center of the pillow or stack two ruffles with a ribbon stitched down the middle.  Insert pom-poms or other trim around the perimeter.  I showed you a while back how to easily make a ruched throw pillow.  It looks so nice with its coordinating pillow friends!
The embroidered mermaid pillow took a little longer to finish, but is still a relatively quick project.  I made a pieced border out of coordinating scrap squares in varied widths and then embroidered this darling mermaid  image onto a white center.  You can find Sarah Jane’s mermaid embroidery pattern in her shop.  Love her whole new line of fabric, Out to Sea, coming out soon.
 I also used a disappearing ink pen and made a square border about 1/2″ inside the white panel.  With embroidery floss, I hand stitched a simple border, mimicking throw pillows (from Pottery Barn Kids) that are already in the girls’ room.  After embroidering the pillow, I stacked the top with a light batting and quilted it in freehand swirls, just around the border.  Just love how this pillow turned out!
Did you notice the finished quilt there under the pillows?  I’ve finished one – just two more to quilt and bind!  When, oh when, will I be done? 


  1. Jessica at Me Sew Crazy says

    this. is. so. GORGEOUS Stef! i am so in awe of you right now. love, love, love. Just WOW. Beautiful.

  2. Lanie says

    Great embroidery Stef! I love the colors of the quilt and the scallop shapes go so well with the mermaid theme. Cute, cute, cute!

    • treen says

      Thanks! I’m just a beginner with sewing and have never even contemplated making quilts but I can’t find in a store what I want for my bedroom (I’ve been looking for a couple of years), and that glimpse of a picture was IT. It’s probably completely beyond my level, but that’s what sewing classes and friends-who-sew are for. The book is now on my amazon list – thanks again!

  3. treen says

    I recently found your blog … love love love all the colors with your mermaid theme! The quilt pattern of the scallops is EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for, for forever – where, what, how? I neeeeeed that. Thanks!

  4. kristin says

    Wow, Stef! Love that pillow, you make it sound so easy but it takes a lot of skill. Can’t wait to see those quilts, they look incredible!!

  5. Anonymous says

    Stef I love everything you make! I’m completely new to sewing and am looking into buying a sewing machine. Any recommendations as to what sewing machine I should get,looking for one thats good for beginners but that I can eventually grow into (want to start making clothes for my baby girl)? Thanks!


  6. Leianne Stevens says

    These turned out so sweet! I love the colors/patterns used. I wish I had your talent. Thank you so much for sharing!

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