Girl. Inspired. on Facebook!

Hello, friends!  I’ve checked a New Year’s Resolution off my list and published my Girl. Inspired. page on Facebook!  I think I started the page at least a year ago, but I’m a little (well, maybe a lot) behind the times and I just don’t play well with technology.  It’s time, though.  I’m mapping out some new plans and joining the world on Facebook is part of the mix.  Find me on Facebook, here:


  1. Sandy b says

    Yeaaah! Stef! Congrats…
    I just checked in with my friend Kim, and she is going to manage my facebook account for my blog!
    I am also not computer techy and am glad to hear so many of us moms are not.
    (lol) Have a wonderful week.

    By the way…
    Just a reminder to let you know that I moved and have a new blog.
    Hope to see you there soon.
    Love your creations for Project Runway.

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