more on the Christmas photo shoot and a dress

I have an excuse to share more pictures of my silly, beautiful girls.  The Christmas dress in the shop this year.  It’s darling.  I loved this fabric so much I had to find a reason to use it some more.  
Addie was having a blast modeling.  In fact, all three girls had a blast throughout.  Perhaps it was the progressive delivery of treats along the way…milk with fun straws, cake pops, lollipops, little wrapped presents… Anyway, here are some shots of the new dress.
A few of you are asking about the fabric line.  It is Kumari Holiday by Dena for Free Spirit.  A quick etsy search will turn up plenty of options for you.  I found mine at a local fabric shop.
I sat down in front of the TV one evening and made a pile of brooches/hair clips and Addie’s headband.  So fun!  There is a brooch included with the Christmas dress; I will be listing the brooch/hair clip and the headband separately as well.  (You can find my tutorial for last year’s brooch here.)  Olivia and Addie really got into having their hair styled special; hot rollers and hairspray can be fun.  Unless your name was Grace on this day; then, not so much.
Let’s conclude this post with the most snuggly adorable picture of Olivia and Addie, shall we?
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  1. Teresa Pomerantz says

    This was an extremely adorable shoot- and the snuggle pic – sublime!!!! I would love to win a pattern. Thanks!

  2. sssalad says

    I stumbled upon your blog through Pinterest when looking at desk ideas! You are so creative and have some awesome projects on your blog. Can I ask where you found the decorative accents that are on them? They look like wood – on the corners of the cubbies. Thanks!

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