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I hosted Bunco yesterday.  A group of great girls, most of whom I’ve known since high school, and most of whom have never seen “my space” since I lived at mom and dad’s however many years ago.  I had some serious self-imposed pressure going on to spruce up, finish some projects, clean up the dirt.  Let’s just say my house is a work in progress.  There is no space that I couldn’t rattle off a list five pages long of “someday projects.”  Here are the projects that I worked on over the past few weeks:
Sewed some pillows to spruce up the family room couches:
The Mr. built me a fabulous mantle and I threw a few things from around the house on top. I’m on the hunt for a nice old leaded-glass chippy paint window to go up there, too:
{nearly} free wall art:

And the project of which I’m most proud – this least expensive-biggest impact, trashed couch-to-playroom trampoline, one-night “upholstering” makeover:
Since this was the final “big” event at the house for the year, I am project liberated!  I can leisurely browse my project list and work on this or that.  No must-do items!!  Do you know how good that feels?  I did take some pictures along the way for these finished projects, so let me know if there’s interest in any of the details…
I’ll be linking to some of these parties this week.


  1. says

    Another great post Stef! I’m so glad that I stumbled across your blog! Thanks for commenting back! :-) I will be waiting for the playroom tour to eventually come!! My house is a work in progress too – so I totally get it! (Hence no photos of the upstairs of my house!) LOL! The couch makeover is fabulous as are the pillows! I love your style!!

  2. says

    Yes, the more pictures the better! The artwork you made is awesome! And the one night couch makeover is really amazing! Adorable!
    See, if we lived nearby, you could sew for me and I could paint for you, it would be such fun!
    I would love to live in California!

  3. For the Love of Laundry says

    Wow! Your couch is gorgeous! How did you do all the tufting? And in one night no less! Great job!

  4. says

    You know, I feel the same way every time we have people over to our house…the self imposed pressure to show off my decorating skills, etc. We had a party over the weekend, and 2 days before the party, I was thinking of redecorating my mantle and making a wreath for the front door….not things my guests (especially the guys!!) would even pay attention to. I’m also looking for a chippy window for my mantle. Loving your blog, so glad I found it, and subscribing now!

  5. says

    Hi Stef,
    Your living room looks wonderful…great job!!
    OK…is there anything you don’t know how to do? You bake, sew, craft, and upholster…wow!!! That couch turned out great! I love the fabric you chose…really pretty.
    Enjoy your leisure time. :)
    ~ Jo

  6. Green Willow Pond says

    More picture! Bring it on…especially of that couch. Are you serious…1 night? I’ve got to know how you did that!

  7. Diane says

    OMGosh, that couch turned out great! It is a good feeling to not have any must-do lists. I wouldn’t know how to act Ü

  8. Natasha says

    oh. my. gosh. I love the artwork above your sofa… especially the frame with clips – brilliant!!! I can see that becoming an insiration for something in my home. Artwork above my sofa is currently on my my “someday project” list.


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